Chicago Tough Game Review: Bears/Lions

Chicago Tough Game Review:  Bears/Lions

Well, thank God that's over.

The Chicago Bears defeated the Detroit Lions 24-20.  Yip.  Eee.

I made the mistake of drinking a pot of coffee before the game.  Therefore, I spent the entire three hours brutally nervous.  Combine the fact that I was watching the game with my good friend Alex, and you had the ingredients for a full scale Bears meltdown if they lost the game.

Luckily my son carries a binky and a blanket; which, sometimes, I borrow.  I need it after tough Bears losses.

I was reaching for both items before The Beloved held off the Lions.

Here's the Ditka, the Spellman, and Mirer


Jay Cutler- #6 was on top of his game again.  Only one turnover, pinpoint passes, and he's using his legs.

Earl the Pearl Bennett:  Okay, this is what a top SEC receiver is supposed to look like.

Brandon Manumaleuna:  Where did the Million Dollar Man come from?  An overpriced blocking tight end (sometimes fullback in the rare instances Martz uses one) made two big

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This game reminded Ditka of those boring late 80's wins over Detroit with James Jones and Chuck Long. Bleh.

catches.  One for a touchdown, one for a game-clinching first down.  Bad news:  Now I have to learn how to pronounce his name.

Robbie Gould:  Career long field goal?  Touchbacks?  Sterrrrrrrrrrroids.  Sterrrrrrrrrrrrrroids.

Cliff Avril:  Ate the Bears for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  Three sacks...and I think he ate one of the cheerleaders.

Stefan Logan:  Dear Jesus.  That man is FAST.


Nick Harris:  Any punter who gives the ball to Devin Hester these days will automatically find himself on one of these two bottom categories.  Congratulations to Mr. Nick Harris.

Lions offensive play calling:  Yep, lets give Jahvid Best 10 touches for the whole game.  Our #2 offensive threat gets 10 touches in a game quarterbacked by Drew Stanton.  Fail.


Sam Rosen:  I'm going to yell into this microphone!  You are going to listen to what I have to say!  My contract gets renewed by Fox every year!  I'm not really sure why!  I'm very loud!  Exclamation Points!

Next Week:  The New England Patriots. 

The four game losing stretch begins with a loss to the Patriots.  I urge all Bears fans to enjoy the fact that this Bears team was competitive.  They aren't the best team in the world...they just happen to be somewhat healthy...and Cutler isn't turning the ball over.


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