Chicago Tough Picks of the Week (10/8-10/9)

I've had enough!  No wonder people have to go to Gamblers Anonymous.

I don't use money to gamble.  I'm too poor.  I just gamble with my credibility...which has now

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I lost all my money. Now I've got to sit with Phyllis George for an hour? Shoot me!

been shot to hell.

Here's what happened last week:

College: 1-2

Pro: 2-1

Overall: 3-3


College: 8-7

Pro: 4-8

Overall: 12-15 (Yuck!)

I had way too much pizza the last couple days.  I'm going to need to run before the big Big Ten matchups tomorrow.  However, the entire college slate looks bad.  Plus, I'm at the my SIU Salukis aren't on the TV.  (The wife is doing a craft fair, and her sewing space is over this little SOB needs an actual father to watch him while she works.  Stupid life responsibilities.)  My father in-law doesn't have the Sports Package like I do at my house.  The Salukis are on FCS, and that isn't a basic cable channel.  Should I go back home to watch?  What's a good excuse?  I guess I can conveniently forget something...but the dad-in-law probably wants to watch Notre Dame/Pitt.  Which reminds me that I need to get over to my dad's to watch an Irish game, this year.  The only problem with each of us is that we like to complain...a lot.  It's like watching a game with an older version of myself...and that can be dangerous for anybody within shouting distance.

You probably don't care about any of the above information.  I don't care.  It's my website.  Eat it.

Well, I've got my picks again.  And this week, I'm going against all big spreads.  Just taking a shot.


San Jose State (+38) at Nevada

Washington State (+36) at Oregon

Toledo (+38 1/2) at Boise State

Why not?  I'm giving no rationale for my college picks, this week...I just feel it.


Minnesota at New York Jets (-4)

What an intriguing game.  Brett Favre is back in New York...all the while this sex scandal is standing over him.  Randy Moss is back with the Vikings.  Plus, the Vikes are trying to put together their first true complete game of the year.  The Jets are the Jets; so, they've always got drama.  This is Monday Night Football heaven.  Plus, we get Jon Gruden heaping out ridiculous praise for three hours...Yum!

Many say Favre does his best when he's under the microscope.  Plus, take away last week's performance by Randy Moss...just do it.  He normally shows up big for national games.  All signs point to the Vikes coming together, right?  I don't think so.  The Jets are playing great ball...they're at's their time to shine.  Jets 20, Vikings 13

Denver at Baltimore (-7)

I don't think Kyle Orton against the Baltimore defense is a good idea.  If Orton thought Tennessee's defense was dirty...what's he going to think of Baltimore's?  Yikes.  Baltimore 20, Denver 10

Green Bay/Washington o/u 45.5 OVER

Nick Barnett is out for the year.  I like both offenses.  Neither defense scares me.  Green Bay 31, Washington 17

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