Jets lose to Ravens; Rex Ryan still great, so much fun

It's moments like these that can make being a professional coach in New York City an absolutely miserable experience. 

Moments after the New York Jets' disappointing loss to the Baltimore Ravens, media members piled on Rex Ryan for the team's poor offensive play and boneheaded penalties.

"It's just that he's so honest.  It's so refreshing to see a guy like that be honest with his players and the media.  He instills an attitude that is reflected in the Jets' play," said the defiant ESPN analyst Merril Hoge.

One of the more vehement critics was the NFL Network's Brian Billick. 


Rex Ryan telling another hilarious joke during a post-game press conference. His humor makes this 2010 Super Bowl champion head coach so endearing...along with his honesty.

"Did you see him in the buffet line during 'Hard Knocks'?  He's so funny.  He's supposed to be on this diet, but he eats junk food behind everybody's back.  The cameras catch him!  It's hilarious!  Oh, God!  You just have to root for a guy like that!"

After compiling 14 penalties for 125 yards, NBC commentator Cris Collinsworth stuck it to the Jets' brain trust.

"Maybe that's being undisciplined, having all those penalties...but you just have to think its over-excitement.  Rex Ryan loves the game of football.  His players love the game of football.  You just have to believe that this is first week jitters.  I think everybody agrees that Rex Ryan is great and that the Jets are going to win the Super Bowl.  The fact that they lost tonight is beyond me.  This is a Super Bowl team.  They have Super Bowl players.  Rex Ryan's body looks like it's shaped like a Super Bowl.  Mark Sanchez is a winner.  That Schottenheimer guy is so fiery.  You just have to believe this team is going to win the Super Bowl.  Super Bowl.  Rex Ryan.  Gotta love Rex Ryan.  Super Bowl.  The Jets are gonna be really good, this year.  Super Bowl."

The loss also highlighted the limited abilities of Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez.  The young quarterback went 10 of 21 for only 74 yards.  After reviewing some film, ESPN's Ron Jaworski had some piercing words for the chap.

"I understand that it's only 74 yards.  But, as we saw in HBO's 'Hard Knocks', this guy is clearly a workhorse.  I don't know if you know this...but Rex Ryan is fat.  He's large and loveable.  He's extremely honest, and his quarterback is a reflection of his honesty.  I know Jets fans are probably upset at the dump offs, the six yard outs, the lack of downfield throws, the overwhelming commitment to the run.  I get it.  However, when you have a winner like Mark Sanchez, and I mean a true winner, you always have a chance.  He has those intangibles.  He has the eyes of a winner.  I'm sure the intensity and refreshing honesty of the Jets will carry them through the season...and it'll also carry Mark Sanchez."

The Jets attained six first downs, went 1/11 on third downs, and controlled the ball for a ridiculously low 21 minutes.  The offensive ineptitude prompted a full scale blowout by ESPN's Mark Schlereth.

"I personally don't know how something like this could happen in the National Football League.  The National Football League is a league of characters.  And characters like Rex Ryan in the National Football League make the National Football League what it is:  a league of characters.  This isn't what you'll see from the Jets this year.  As you saw by the honesty of Rex Ryan and the intensity of his camp, you know that this Jets team has the goods to win the Super Bowl and finish atop the National Football League.  Mark Sanchez made no mistakes tonight.  The defense played well.  But remember this:  Mark Sanchez will have a great year, Rex Ryan is great, and the National Football League champions will be Rex Ryan and the New York Jets."

If the comments after tonight's game are any indication of what the future holds for Rex Ryan, the Jets' mastermind may be in for a harsh season of questioning.



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  • Thanks Chicago though, I mean I thought that Rex and Mark were great, I mean it's so obvious! and last night was just the fifth preseason game right? Well, I know who I'm picking for the Super Bowl, GO JETS!

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