Chicago Tough College and Pro Picks (9/25-9/26)

Last Week

Pro: 1-2

College: 3-0


Pro: 2-4

College: 5-4

Overall: 7-8 (Friend us on facebook by searching 'Chicago Tough')

Last week, I made a bit of a comeback.  My three team in the NFL won big.  Veteran teams like Indianapolis always come back at home after tough losses...the Colts didn't disappoint.  My two college losses were tough.  MSU won by 3 on a 3 1/2, and Illinois won by 6 on a 7.  Ripping my heart out.

So, here's what I got this week:


Central Michigan at Northwestern (-6 1/2)

Dan Persa is the best pure quarterback in the Big Ten, right now.  Remember, I said 'pure'.  No doubt that Pryor and Robinson are better overall.  And I know Tolzien is the bees knees...but after watching this Persa kid throw, the 'Cats might have something special.  CMU is one of the MAC pre-season favorites next to NIU.  That being said, the Cats play well at home.  They've had some struggles against MAC teams in recent years...but I like this NU team to not sleep...theyv'e got a favorable schedule.

Alabama at Arkansas O/U 56

Bama has too good of a defense to let Mallett throw all over the field.  56 as an over/under for a Bama game seems too good to be true...and as we've said before, if it seems too good to be true...then Vegas knows something we don't.  Ingram's 100%?  Fine.  I've got the game Alabama 28, Arkansas 17.

Temple (+14) at Penn State

This is my upset pick.  This is Temple's Super Bowl.  Temple used to be the worst program in the nation, but now under new leadership, the Owls have reached new heights.  Penn State has a talented group, but I'm thinking the Owls can keep it close.


Buffalo at New England (-14)

-14?  Are you serious?  Thanks for the candy, Mr. Baby.

Detroit at Minnesota (-11 1/2)

Do I have faith in a resurrected Brett Favre?  You bet your ass.  The Lions will be 0-3...and it's not that they're bad...they're just not good.  The Vikes are 0-2, at home, and are in need of a jolt.  The Vikes will be in a big mood to redeem themselves at home.  For the gamblers, you have to remind matter what...'Shaun Hill, Shaun Hill, Shaun Hill.' matter what happened, last week.

Green Bay (-3) at Chicago

Last week, I picked Chicago and won big.  This week, the media has done nothing but massage Mike Martz and Jay Cutler. 

Unfortunately, the media nor the fans seem to grasp that the Green Bay defense is the perfect matchup for the Bears' offense.  The Martz system is predicated off of good protection.  Green Bay is the best pass rushing team of the young season the Bears have seen.  Forte and Taylor running the screen game was tough for Detroit and Dallas to stop...the problem for the Bears is that Green Bay has athletic linebackers who can stop the underneath game. 

The Bears' pass rush isn't good enought to beat Aaron Rodgers...who has shown time and again that he can pick apart the seams in a Bears defense.

The only person that can beat the Packers in this game is Mike McCarthy.  The Packers field manager has lost to the Bears before by getting away from his game plan.

If the Packers play like the Packers, Green Bay will win by at least two touchdowns.

My pick:  Green Bay 31, Chicago 16


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