This Week in Sports History (8/24-8/30)

August 24th

1989- Pete Rose is banned from baseball for life by Commissioner Giamatti for gambling.  The ban only occurs due to a pleading from ESPN for more 'Outside the Lines' segments.

1991- Taiwan captures its 15th consecutive Little League World Series.  After the game, China captures Taiwan.

August 25th

1979- In a Hollywood Stars vs. the Media game played at Dodger Stadium, Robin Williams, the star of the hit television show 'Mork and Mindy', in which he plays an alien, runs the bases backwards.  Williams winds up snorting the entire foul line and proceeds to give a 60 minute stand up routine about Nadia Comaneci.

August 26th

1933- Jan van Houten bicycles world record time (44,588 km).  Which is ridiculous considering he could've just gotten a Slurpee one mile from his house.

1934- Tommy Heinsohn is born in New Jersey...he comes out of the womb with a chalkboard denoting a pick and roll.

August 27th

1990- A Brewers-Blue Jays game has a 35 minute 'gnat delay'.  Or as some call it
'Being in Milwaukee.'

August 28th

1990- Shaquille O'Neal commits to LSU, and signs a 4 year contract worth $2 million.

August 29th

1967- Hawk Harrelson has a great conversation with Yaz about life.

August 30th

1999- Pat Hughes covers a record 17 mistakes for Ron Santo, including a gaffe in which Santo states that 'Maybe they should bring in Aguilera'.

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