This Week in Sports History (3/3-3/9)

May 3rd

1970- An injured Willis Reed makes a dramatic entrance to Madison Square Garden, and leads his team to an emotional Game 7 victory over the LA Lakers for the NBA title.  It would be the most dramatic entrance at the Garden until Liberace's infamous "Gown Blaze of 1974".

May 4th

2002- Barry Bonds hits his 400th home run as a Giant.  But it's his 500th home run as an asshole.

1980- Duke University hires Mike Krzyzewski.  The coach welcomes the media in his first press conference by saying, "I can't wait to be hated for the next 30 years."


More dramatic than Willis Reed hobbling on bad knees? We say, 'Yes!'

May 51969- LA Lakers owner Jack Kent Cooke is unable to drop 5,000 balloons from The Forum rafters after his team's stunning Game 7 loss to the Boston Celtics in the NBA Finals.  Once everybody has left the stadium, Cooke is forced to drop the balloons in what is known as 'The Most Depressing Dropping of 5,000 Balloons in World History.'

May 6th

1903- The Chicago White Sox commit 12 errors against the Detroit Tigers.  Announcer Hawk Harrelson blames each one on the umpires.

1995- ESPN Classic goes on the air.  Fans rejoice in glee upon learning they get to see 12 hours a day of the World Series of Poker for the next 15 years.

May 7th

1989- Michael Jordan hits a jump shot at the buzzer to beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 101-100.  Many people in Cleveland call it 'The Shot', but the majority would call it "The Yeah We Totally Knew it Was Coming Because, Hey, We're Cleveland Shot."

May 8th

1900- The National Basket Ball Leage, the first professional basketball league, begins.  The league's first order of business?  Joining the words basket and ball.

May 9th

1988- 60 Minutes will not be seen at its regularly scheduled time.


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