Chicago Tough's Thoughts For The Day (5/4)

-Whatever happened to well-groomed moustaches?  We'd like to see some Wendel Clark, Harold Snepsts, and Lanny McDonald back in the NHL.

-I don't feel a man with the name Alain Vigneault should win the Stanley Cup.  Doesn't seem fair.


A little too Frenchy for this guy's taste!

-Why do men feel its necessary to get all tough in a bathroom at a hockey game?  You're in a bathroom.  Seriously.  Just wizz and get out.  The fact you're gettin' physical in there makes ChicagoTough think...

-We think the White Sox should stagger their schedule so Jake Peavy faces the Royals for his next three starts.  Once he gets back on track, he can face Major League Baseball teams.

-If you gotta leave during an NHL playoff game to get a beer...guess what?  You have a drinking problem.

-Just watch the Cubs lose 2 out of 3 to the Pirates.  Just.  You.  Watch.

-This is the first time since 1992 that four Original Six teams have made the quarterfinal round.  Back then the divisions were called Patrick, Adams, Norris, and Smythe...You know what men were called back then?  Men.

-So, these NBA Playoffs are goin' all right.  Am I the only one wondering why Jerry Sloan isn't dead yet?  How long has this guy been coachin'?

-I like Adam Dunn.  He reminds me of the old boppers like Dave Kingman, Greg Luzinski, Steve Balboni, and Tom Brunansky.  Not a high average, just a lot of thump.  He's gonna strike out...but his 500 foot homers are nice.

-ChicagoTough just remembered that Butler played in the national championship game.  Dear Lord.  Butler!


They changed the name because 'Bullets kill people'. But they kept the REDSKINS?! Leave it to DC!

-I want to go to a Hard Rock Cafe and find that Murphy Brown's Washington Bullets mug is still around.  Then, I would like to steal said mug.  Who wants a 1980's Washington Bullets mug?  I do.

-Where is the beef?  Oh, wait.  I ate it.  Because I love beef.  All forms.  Especially Italian Beef.  De-licious.

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