On Cubs, Blackhawks and the pope's resignation

Chicagoans respond on Twitter to pope's resignation

Pope Benedict XVI's announcement that he will resign at the end of the month has, as one would expect, sparked a vibrant debate from Chicagoans on Twitter. Here are some highlights.

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Gonna try this "sex" thing. With a woman this time! lol @AP: The Vatican announces Pope Benedict XVI is resigning at the end of February.AaronCDuncan
One of the first impressions of many Chicago Twitter users was surprise -- particularly incredulity that the office of the pope was even one that could be vacated. (It's been centuries since that occurred.) @Guywit2thumbs, an aspiring graphic designer, summed the sentiment up:
Hang on. The Pope resigned? Can they do that?Guy With 2 Thumbs
Pope Benedict XVI is not the first to resign...but he's the first since the 1400s when there were TWO popes. http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/worldviews/wp/2013/02/11/the-bizarre-stories-of-the-four-other-popes-to-have-resigned-in-the-last-1000-years/?Post+generic=%3Ftid%3Dsm_twitter_washingtonpostMeg Marie
Well I'll be damned RT @cnnbrk: Pope Benedict to resign at the end of the month, Vatican says. http://on.cnn.com/U51xEjJake From State Farm
Signs I've worked in Chicago politics too long: first reaction to "Pope to resign" header from ST was "dammit, another alderman to replace."Thomas C. Bowen
The Pope commits the world's most high-profile rage-quit.Ben Chapman
It should come as no surprise that many cried scandal:
The last time a pope resigned was the 13th century. Scandal? I think so. #pontifexprobs #fb #tcJob Hammond
so the pope resigns and i'm not supposed to immediately think there is a huge scandal on the way? #ohcatholics.tom david
I bet the Pope was on steroids.Larry Brown
And then the jokes and speculation began. Some blamed Twitter:
Pope was doing fine until he got on Twitter.Dana Houle
So the Pope joins Twitter and a few months later no longer has any interest in doing his job? Nice to know it's a universal thing.Geoffrey Page
The Pope opens a Twitter acct, and now he is quitting his day job. He knows where his priorities lay...Martin Costello
I hope the Pope still keeps his Twitter accountCaitlin O'B
Is the pope really resigning or is this like when I "quit Twitter"?Patrick Mortensen
@Stresscake was quite right to question the legitimacy of the association of social media with the pope...
Also, I love how the media is giving this pope credit for ushering the papacy into social media. Didn't he do this about 5 minutes ago?Kathy Skutecki
Others, meanwhile, recommended candidates for the new job, including, of course, Oprah:
Dear Vatican: Two words - Poprah Winfrey. Think about it. #PopeRex Huppke
BREAKING Rick Santorum is announcing his candidacy for Pope today.Kecko
Beyonce for Pope...Erica Kane
If they make @ConanOBrien Pope, Don't be surprised if Benedict changes his mind and requests the hat backDan Shearer
RT @Pauly_Miller: Hey Catholic Church, maybe your next Pope shouldn't be eleventy million years old.jake shortes
Some noticed the interesting timing of the announcement, since the pope will be stepping down during Lent:
The Pope quitting right in the middle of Lent is like an accountant quitting during tax season. SMH...Mike Burzawa
I can't baptize my baby during Lent, but the Pope can quit? At least give 40 days notice. #catholicbitsNatalie Shipman
Breaking News: Benedict gives up being pope for lentEmily Wegh
Others turned to sports references:
RT @patrickdahl: Ugh. The Pope just emailed me asking for Blackhawks tickets. Wants to sit against glass, "like Popemobile." #bandwagonSiobhan
RT @BruceMiles2112: Theo seeks replacement level pontiffRT @desipiodotcom: I knew Cubs had to clear room for Hairston. I had no idea they'd DFA Pope Benedict.Berselius
The #Pope resigning concludes bad year for the #SaintsSnoopy
And finally, there was speculation about what comes next, and about the pope's legacy...
What does a retiring Pope do next? Move to a ranch in Texas and practice oil painting?Jonathan Treble
When does the reality show to pick the new Pope start?nathandewitt
I have to admit, the Pope just “upgraded” the name Benedict from “traitor” status to “quitter.” That’s quite a legacy.Steve Bowler
The Pope resigned? That means the papacy can be treated like a job where ppl can get fired for poor performance; Let's start cleaning houseRachel Bykowski
A Rabbi’s Thoughts on the Pope’s Resignation http://bit.ly/We8EbX / big loss for Jewish communityRabbi Evan Moffic
Maybe if every winner at the #GRAMMYs didn't waste God's time by continuously thanking him last night, then we would still have a Pope!Chas Goudie
Nows my chance to become pope Daniel Piton
Suggestion for next #Pope: somebody who didn't spend 24 years covering up sex abuse by priests while demonizing gays. Just a thought.Dan Bernstein
And the clincher:
Now the Pope's just somebody that we used to know.Russell Roering

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