Wedding vows: take them seriously

Wedding vows: take them seriously

I take you for better or worse, in sickness and in health, til death do us part. When we get married at a young age we have no idea of what we mean in the long term. The words til death do us part have no meaning in our life, we're so young we don't think about it.

As you grow old together the symbolism of these words come to life. In sickness and in health and the last line, til death do us part is impossible to believe. And the day comes when the last part of your vow really hits you, and those words are insurmountable.

Your spouse that you spend your life with has said her final vows. Then the realism of your wedding vows hits you between the eyes. You go from a life of companionship to a very lonely existence. Your mind stops working without your daily companion to discuss things with. And hopefully the years you spent together have been fruitful.

Gentlemen, tell your wife each and every day that you love her and ladies, you do the same. You can have a fulfilling life while you are together; don't leave anything unsaid.

That's it, short and sweet. Life goes quickly and fifty years can go by in the snap of a finger. Remember that and make every day, every vow, count.


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