Meanderings: My days of dealing with glioblastoma

Meanderings: My days of dealing with glioblastoma

I am Norman's daughter, Teppi. I have always helped my father with his blog; editing, publishing, etc. He is no longer able to type effectively to send his thoughts to me. Fortunately, he is able to dictate to me. At least this horrible disease, glioblastoma has not robbed him of his brilliant mind. His thoughts on this day:

Have you ever had nothing to do for days? Believe me, it’s not fun. I’ve watched Turner Classic Movies until I want to throw a brick at the TV. And that includes 10 interviews with Maureen O’Hara.

I also watched endless hours of the world cup on FIFA. It was the best cure for insomnia I’ve ever had. So dear readers what the heck does FIFA mean? The US played in one game and ended up in the championship round. No math teacher in the world can figure that one out!

All I do is think about food. I’m on a steroid that increases my appetite so all I want to do is eat. The steroid is to keep my brain from swelling since my operation. I’ll eat anything that’s put in front of me. Well, almost anything.

With all these different pills, I’ve grown incredibly weak. It takes as many as two people to get me from one chair to another. And it’s not because of all the food I’m eating.

I think a lot about my home and the next step in my life. I will be moved out of my apartment as I have been living with my son and his family. I have so much time on my hands I’m reliving my life in my mind.

I will miss my 64th high school reunion in September. This upsets me as I was at my 62nd and enjoyed it immensely. This blog is titled meanderings as my mind is straying all over the place.

I think about my wedding, the birth of my children and the births of my grandchildren and great grandchildren, including my 7 month old first great granddaughter.

I think about my contribution to so many schools and students from my Holocaust presentations. I think about the books about the Holocaust that I donated to these schools to continue educating children and that the world should never forget what happened.

We also donated many photos of people of all ages as well as DVD’s to graphically illustrate the atrocities.

I have had much time to visit with my family. They have been coming every weekend to visit. I think about my three brothers, two of which are gone, one in the past year. There was an old saying: he was more than my brother, he was my friend. And more than a friend, he was my brother”.

I have been learning about my family tree and have met some cousins I never knew I had. I’ve been blessed my several members of the clergy to address my spiritual needs. I have re-energized my morning prayers because of this.

Memories light the corners of my mind, and may your memories always be happy ones.

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