Hoping for a peaceful world

Hard to believe Dad is still wanting to blog. He dictated this to my sister in law yesterday and I am going to translate as best I can. From one day to the next I don't know if he will be awake long enough to even think about writing. Or well enough. But here is a letter to President Obama. 

Dear Mr. President:

I want to introduce you to Rosie's Boys; her sons of which I am one. There were four of us, all born in America.

One of them fought in World War II and one served in the Korean police. Fortunately they both made it through and came home. My middle brother and I did not serve in the armed forces. 

Now I have two grandsons and two great grandsons and this is addressed to you Mr. President. Over the last thirteen years since 9/11 we seem no closer to a peaceful world. Before my grandchildren get any older I pray for peace so that in the future they die in their own bed on American soil.

Sometimes it seems like the news is written from television shows. One day PLEASE SHOCK US and tell the American people that there is no more war. I don’t want to hear that my great great grandson is in the army.  

I pray along with the American people that another 9/11 will never occur.  We all know violence begins with violence. For once we should put love over hate, compassion over bigotry and say a pray for all the brothers and sisters.



My recent surgery has unlocked a new side of my life.  I pray dear reader  you never have to go through anything like this.

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