All I wanted was an egg roll

All I wanted was an egg roll

I had an urge for a Chinese egg roll at one of my favorite restaurants. That's how my evening began. All I wanted was a egg roll.

We went to my favorite restaurant, Imperial Gardens in Middleton, WI. In reviewing the sumptuous menu, I spotted a dish called sizzling rice soup in a tomato broth. Absolutely delicious. Then I went to order an egg roll but went on to another dish instead. Moo Shoo Chicken with Mandarin pancakes and I made my own burritos. I decided to pass on the egg roll because I was getting too full. I was going to take one home, but decided against it.

Due to my blood pressure issues or so I thought, I stood up too quickly and on the way to the parking lot I blacked out, ending up on the ground. An ambulance was called and I was rushed to the hospital. I spent three days there running test after test. It was on the fourth day I discovered that it was not my blood pressure but unfortunately, a brain tumor. I still wanted my egg roll.

The hospital food was delicious but there were no Chinese entrees. An egg roll is usually around $2.95 but this one will end up costing around $25,000.

Being delivered news such as this was shocking; I was and am in total disbelief. I felt as though the doctors were talking about someone else. I have had my share of cardiac and blood pressure issues but this, this was so far out of the blue I still can't imagine it.

I am still in shock and it's been a whirlwind of doctors, medical terminology and fear.

Moving forward, I just want to have a successful surgery, be home and not lose my memory. My blog will be on temporary hold while I recover. My editor in chief, author of "When You Put it That Way" (my daughter) may post some old favorites. I hope to be able to share more memories of Chicago Then and pray for better days ahead. I appreciate my readers and hope that you'll stick with me.

And please if you think about it, send me an egg roll.

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