Dancing With the Stars partner swap: a one night stand thank heaven!

Dancing With the Stars partner swap: a one night stand thank heaven!

There are plenty of opinions swirling around the internet about Monday night's Dancing With the Stars,  ranging from Julianne Hough’s dress to many heated comments on the scoring.

I saw jealousy and fangs between the competitors and unfortunately among the judges.  And, I am more than sure the viewers each have their own opinion about the show. From my point of view the contestants seemed to try and go so far as to get suggestions from their regular partner.

To me it has become evident that the three Olympians are going to be the three finalists.  In spite of some judge’s comments, Charlie White is a front runner for the mirror ball trophy. Meryl Davis has been the most artistic stylist of the show. Her training and discipline shine in each of her routines.

Finally, there is Amy Purdy, my personal favorite. I enjoy her routines week after week and it showed again this week. A couple of comments about her “tush” were cute and had a ring of double meaning if you know what I mean.  In fact, last night I ran out of votes for her performance.  The rest of the cast has some colorful figures and those struggling to hold on at this point in the contest.

Last year my opinion was the show was going to implode but mercifully the format was returned to it’s original. The stars are back in the crow’s nest where they joke around and let loose.

Two suggestions for this year. Please, no more guest judges as they mess up the show. And, what happened to the live band? Where is Harold Wheeler who is gone without any explanation by the producers?  You can guess it was a disagreement about his contract. It usually is.

All of the above said I still am hooked on the show and watch if faithfully.  After all we have three stooges for judges. Hot Carrie Ann, Sour Len and my darling, Bruno. Hollywood couldn’t write what comes out of their mouths.

I wonder as so many viewers have expressed their opinion that there doesn’t seem to be a correlation between their praise and their score.  Len, don’t you like Meryl? You refuse to give her a well deserved ten.

Well, on to next week, new adventures and mercifully a return by the stars to their regular partners. I’ll be watching.

The memories of DWTS in years to come will light up my life…And, happy memories to you.

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