The Oscars 2014: How Bette Midler stole the show and Ellen delighted us all

The Oscars 2014: How Bette Midler stole the show and Ellen delighted us all

Normally I find the Oscars a boring three hours but the show this year was an absolute delight. Thank you Ellen DeGeneres for a happy show! My only complaint is that I didn’t get a slice of pizza. And how much was the actual tip to the delivery pizza man?

Ellen, you had the audience involved unlike other shows where the host stands on the stage watching the audience doze off. You should receive an Emmy for the best MC on the Oscars. Yes, it was that good to great…ask Meryl Streep and the fab pix that exploded on twitter. If I had one complaint, I thought the background was too busy and distracted me however, that is a minor complaint. I had to find something to complain about! It didn’t make any difference to me who won and who cried.

Unless I was seeing things when the camera focused on Sandra Bullock there were tears in her eyes. Why not? She was praised all evening by each award recipient from Gravity.  And so, I started to believe she would be the upset winner of the night.  But Oscar had made up its mind to give it to Cate Blanchett. I did not see her movie, however, my friends said she was worthy of the Oscar.

And Bill Murray, on the occasion he is serious, talked about Harold Ramis of Ghostbusters and Stripes. And the audience erupted in kind. Good for you Bill Murray. I applaud you.

I saw the Wizard of Oz in its initial run in 1939.  I was all of 7 years of age and instantly fell in love with Dorothy, and the wizard played by Frank Morgan terrified this 7 year old child. I have seen it many times on TV over the years and it never gets dull to me except I never fear the Wizard any more. Thanks Ellen for wearing the good fairy's dress. You looked like Billie Burke and the tribute to Somewhere over the Rainbow was enchanting with those rich tones from Pink.

One thing that the Academy can’t change the endless thank you speeches from the Oscar winners. The tribute by Jared Leto to his Mother was the only touching speech all night. The rest could have been mailed in and the audience wouldn’t know the difference.

Now to my favorite moment: enter the Fabulous Ms. Bette Midler. I had met her in Chicago after she made her movie The Rose and she was delightful and precious. She is definitely a show stopper and one who steals the show with her appearance. To me that’s what she did at the Oscars. As the memorial portion of the show to those stars we lost last year was complete,  the house lights were dimmed and Bette walked on the stage. No fanfare, no introduction as she sang her famous tune, "You are the wind beneath my wings". You couldn’t hear a sound while she captivated the audience and when she finished the audience erupted with a standing ovation. And, she deserved it.

So all in all for me it was a good night and after a while I couldn’t care who won.  The show was terrific and oh yes, make sure Harrison Ford gets a napkin at your next pizza party.

Memories light the corners of my mind! And, I hope yours too!

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