Bears v Packers: Help me! Who do I cheer for?

Bears v Packers: Help me! Who do I cheer for?

Help… I’m in trouble. I was born on Chicago’s West side and always cheered for  Da Bears.  In fact I go back as far as cheering for the Chicago Cardinals playing at the old Comiskey Park. And Da Bears  playing at Wrigley Field. Life was simple.

I watched and cheered for the loveable losers the Chicago Cubs and Da Bears. But, then I happened I moved to Madison, WI, the year the Wisconsin Badgers football team won their last victory in 1999 at the Rose Bowl.

I remained loyal to Da Bears watching TV and became a couch potato fan from far away. When Da Bears played the Green Bay Packers  I cheered for Da Bears and then a strange occurrence happened. I unwittingly started to cheer for the Packers. So I had of the best of  two worlds. Shame – shame!!

Those were days of Brett Favre  playing his last game for the Packers before playing out his career with the Minnesota Vikings. And then came along Aaron Rodgers and a super bowl ring for the Packers. Both the Packers and Da Bears have great players and in my opinion, are evenly matched.

Now, here comes the conundrum. They are playing against each other Sunday, Dec 29th to decide who wins and who goes home. So  dear readers I am between a rock and hard place. Living in Wisconsin I want the Packers but then again born and raised in Chicago I want Da Bears to win. Whoever wins I can say my team won. But, that’s making a Sophie’s Choice.

So help me. Advise what I should do. I can’t remain neutral.

Hopefully this appeal will light up the corners of my mind.  How about yours?

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