Dancing With the Stars: A show waiting to implode

Dancing With the Stars: A show waiting to implode

To the producers of Dancing With The Stars:

It is said that a camel with two humps was made by a committee.  That same committee needs to be working on your new format in order to salvage it.  Here are the reasons why:

  1. The single night does not work well with your new schedule.
  2. I don’t like the stars sitting in the audience. They no longer have any privacy to burp through either end.
  3. Brooke Burke Chavet looks beautiful but, not as effective with her one on one after each performance.
  4. It seems like the rush hour of dancing blurs the performances.
  5. You have the star and their partner stand in front of the judges during the critique and also the scoring. You have stolen the impromptu reaction of the star and partner and instead have created a dialogue with both – more than usual.
  6. Due to the constriction of time the Judges are not given time for their usual antics. Bruno seems paralyzed having his time cut short because as Tom Bergeron keeps reminding the panel “we are on live TV and have to meet a deadline” give or take a word.
  7. The greatest sin of all.  You know which star will be leaving but have them dance unnecessarily in the show. This only increases their anxiety when they think they may be the one leaving. And, the stars comments will never change but how else can they lose gracefully?

So, now we have a 45 minute hurry up show with about 15 minutes taken up with who is going home. Plus, what are the new judging rules between the three wise people and the TV viewing audience? We need a forensic accountant to figure it out and maybe have an actuary as well.

So producers, I am one of the fans who enjoyed the results show. It was some of the finest entertainment on television with world class stars appearing on the show.  I miss the results show, a class act.

Return the stars backstage where they can relax, banter and have the interviews with Brooke, a show in itself.  Have Bruno take an anxiety pill before the show. Carrie Ann Inaba is prejudiced toward the male stars that can shake their booties and overcome her. And Len Goodman, well believe it or not, he seems to have mellowed a wee bit but is still a curmudgeon.

It seems the viewing audience is temporarily stuck with new format.  Change it back to save your show.  For one. I would personally not want to lose you.  Think about it!

Any comments on the show let me know and we can forward them to the producers.

I want this memory to light up the corners of my mind. Don’t disappoint me.

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