The further adventures of Petie Pie for your child and the child in you

The further adventures of Petie Pie for your child and the child in you

Petie Pie and Mr. Bow Wow!

Summer had passed and the early signs of fall approached Petie Pie’s farm. The leaves began to fall from his beautiful trees; the fields had already been cropped for the winter and all his animal friends had taken refuge for the days ahead.

All was quiet and peaceful on Peties farm, so he thought. When the first days of winter had arrived and had passed into evening the silence of the night air was broken with a howling and wailing from the dog house where Mr. Bow Wow lived. You see it was a very cold evening, snow had fallen all day and the temperature had fallen to a cold, cold low the year. And poor Mr. Bow Wow, still in his doghouse that had needed repairs very badly. The roof leaked; there were cracks in the walls that allowed the cold air into his house.

The front door also needed repair so that the wind forced it open and shut all night and allowed all the dust and dirt blown into the house. And, Mr. Bow Wow who had tried to tell Petie Pie of his plight was so uncomfortable that he howled and wailed all night keeping everyone awake, Mrs. Pie and all the farm folk. But Petie Pie was so tired from his days chores, he slept peacefully through the night.

When morning finally came Mrs. Petie Pie, his wife with the beautiful cheeks and smile told Petie of what happened. “Petie you must do something about Mr. Bow Wow’s house so that we can sleep. He howled so last night that he kept the entire farm folk awake”, and Petie replied “I don’t have the time and besides Mr. Bow Wow can manage for just a few more days until I can repair his house.”

Having heard this before, Mrs. Pie went about her household chores and prepared Petie a wonderful breakfast of pancakes, sausages and coffee. After his breakfast he strolled about his farm enjoying his beautiful view seeing how lovely the snow looked on the ground and the trees and windows painted by Jack Frost.

He was thinking how lucky he was when just then he heard a voice calling him. It was poor Mr. Bow Wow who was half frozen and couldn’t help but scratch himself for he was dirty from the evenings dust. “Oh Petie Pie” he called to him “Won’t you please fix my house so that can I sleep. It’s so dirty, dusty and oh so cold that it just isn’t fair anymore. Petie looked down upon Mr. Bow Wow and angrily replied, “Oh don’t bother me now I’m so busy that I just don’t have time to fix it. I’ll get around to it in just couple more days.” But, having heard this before Mr. Bow Wow slipped away as Petie was talking to him.

Returning to his house Mr. Bow Wow began to cry about his sad state of affairs. And, just then as one of his tears hit the ground a wonderful thing happened! Through Mr. Wow’s tears the magic fairy appeared. She was sunshine on this cold wintry day and Mr. Bow Wow felt warm already and then the beautiful fairy spoke, “Why Mr. Bow Wow I heard you crying throughout the night, and now because of your tears I am here.

So, he told the wonderful fairy of his dog house, how he suffered in there and how many times he had told Petie Pie about it without any help at all, She very patiently listened to this story and then told Mr. Bow Wow not to worry anymore for she would see to it that he would, finally mend his ways and get a new dog house for him. And then as she appeared, she disappeared.

That evening the wind howled and it was so so cold on Petie’s farm. Mr. Bow Wow went into his dog house and Petie went into his warm, soft cuddly bed for a good night’s rest---so he thought. And, then a strange thing happened. Mr. Pie grew smaller and smaller until he was no larger than a dog, no larger than Mr. Bow Wow as a matter of fact!

Then, Mr. Bow Wow grew larger and larger, just as large as Petie Pie. And just as fast he found himself in Petie’s bed and Petie Pie found himself in Mr. Bow Wow’s dog house. The door was locked shut so that he could not come out. “Oh woe is me” Petie cried, “this must be the work of the magic fairy because I would not listen to Bow Wow; she is teaching me a lesson. It’s so cold in here and I’m so itchy because of all the dust and dirt coming in through the cracks”. And Petie had to sleep the night through in the dog house and was cold clear through by morning.

But, not Mr. Bow Wow. He slept very comfortably that evening in Petie’s soft, warm and pleasant surroundings. If fact, the entire farm folk slept that evening since there was not any wailing by Mr. Bow Wow.

When morning finally came the magic spell was broken and Petie and Mr. Bow Wow had once again become their normal selves. Petie, having realized how badly he had behaved immediately drove into town with his truck and purchased the finest dog house that he could buy for Mr. Bow wow.

He also had storm windows installed so Mr. Bow Wow could look out and see all his favorite farm friends. Petie had soft carpeting installed so that he would add warmth and he also bought a specially made dog bed so that Mr. Bow Wow would have as nice a bed as Petie had.

“Oh, how wonderful Petie” Mr. Bow Wow exclaimed. “I can’t thank you enough. This must be the most wonderful dog house in the entire world.” And that evening as the winter dusk settled upon Peties’s farm everyone, Mr. Bow Wow, Mrs. Pie and all the farm animals slept peacefully once again.

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