My children's story never published: Petie Pie paints his Barn part two

My children's story never published: Petie Pie paints his Barn part two
Petie Pie paints his Barn…Part Two
A bright flash appeared that blinded Petie and all the animals. All except the birds who began to sing for they knew what caused the flash and what it meant.  They began to chirp with excitement for when the flash disappeared there stood the magic fairy. Yes, the most beautiful lady you can imagine stood there.
You see she was sent from fairyland to act as Petie's conscience. And then she spoke and began to scold Petie. “You realize of course Petie that if you were willing to paint the barn and not been so stubborn, the accident would not have happened. But, because you delayed for so long and finally only through pressure from these precious animals, did you finally agree to do so".
"Now, since I want you to gain favor once again with all your farm friends I am going to help you paint your barn". With that,  the magic fairy waved her hand a long ladder appeared and with it, an eye dropper with one drop of red paint inside.
“Why how can I paint the barn with an eye dropper and one drop of paint?” Petie inquired.  And then the magic fairy replied, “This is magic paint and a magic eye dropper. Climb to the highest point of the barn, place the drop of paint exactly in the middle and then watch what happens. Goodbye Petie, and remember in the future don’t be so stubborn and these difficulties will not occur".
 In the same flash of light she appeared the magic fairy was gone.
Petie could hardly believe what had happened. Mr. Cow called to him “hurry Petie! Let's see what happens"!  So he climbed the magic ladder to the highest point of the barn and took the magic eye dropper and placed it in the middle of the highest point and very carefully  dropped the single red drop of pain on the barn.
The drop immediately began to spread and in a matter of seconds the entire barn was covered with the most beautiful coat of red paint that one would want to see on their barn. When Petie climbed down, the ladder disappeared along with the eye dropper. The animals cheered, the pigs oinked, the cows mooed, the dogs barked, the birds sang and the horses neighed.
Hearing all of this noise Mrs. Petie Pie came running out of the kitchen and when she saw the barn painted red she broke out with a great big smile and gave Petie a kiss that made him blush. You see she didn’t know that the magic fairy helped him.
But, that’s our secret, just yours and mine.
“Oh Petie you must be awfully tired” she said and with that she walked with him into the kitchen and fed him lunch. After he ate he said  “I’m so tired I think I will take a nap“.  So with that he went upstairs, stretched himself out on the bed and went to sleep.
And for miles around everyone could see the beautiful red barn.
Memories light the corners of my mind, particularly the Petie Pie saga as it brings me back to when my children were young. I hope your children enjoy as well.
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