Children's stories I wrote but never published: Sharing for the first time

Children's stories I wrote but never published: Sharing for the first time

When my children were very young (in the late 1950's) I made up stories for them at bedtime. It was then that Petie Pie, my creation, came to life. My late wife helped to edit them yet somehow I never submitted them for publication. Recently one of my daughters moved; while packing she found a few of the Petie Pie stories. It would give me great joy for you to share them with your children as I once did with mine. This is the first one I wrote. Enjoy.


Petie Pie Paints His Barn….A story for your children

How happy Petie Pie was as he awoke. “My what a wonderful morning” the tall slender farmer thought as he stretched out his arms and yawned. The fresh country air filled the room and made Petie awfully hungry. He quickly jumped out bed and put on his green and while striped cover alls, bright red shirt and a peaked hat,. He tugged at his high shoes and laced them, then went to the mirror, combed his beautiful white hair and stroked his long white beard.  He then brushed his teeth and chuckled to himself, “Heh heh, something smells good in the kitchen. How hungry I am."

He dashed down the stairs and there was Mrs. Petie Pie, his round little wife cooking his favorite Sunday morning breakfast over the old fashioned stove.  Hot cereal and plenty of buttermilk pancakes with gobs of butter and oodles of syrup. And, of course, a pot of coffee. “Good Morning” Petie said, “something smells delicious!” The he kissed his lovely wife on her plump cheek.

After Petie ate he told his wife he would just go for a stroll on the farm and say good morning to all his farm friends: the cows, pigs, dogs, chickens, ducks and birds. “Oh that would be a wonderful idea” said his smiling wife. So Petie Pie left the kitchen quite content with his breakfast, placed his cap on his head and started on his stroll.

He was very happy with what he saw. He had a pretty house, a little duck pond and a prosperous farm.  And right in the middle of the farm was his barn, a tall red barn. Well, almost red anyway. You see Petie hadn’t painted  it in several years and the barn looked dirty and dingy.

As Petie passed the cow pasture he heard Mr. Cow call to him. You see Petie and the animals understood each other and were able to talk.” Good morning Mr. Petie Pie, you know the sun is shining bright, the air is clean. It would be a beautiful day for painting the barn. And Petie replied just as he had been for several winters now, “Oh good morning Mr. Cow. It is a lovely day. But you know I’m awfully tired and am just enjoying a Sunday stroll through the farm." And with that he walked on.

Suddenly there was an oink, oink calling. It was Mr. Pig. “Oh good morning Mr. Petie Pie” Mr. Pig called out.”Lovely day isn’t it. Just right for painting the barn red again.” And Petie Pie gave him the same reply. Mr. Pig was used to hearing this and didn’t even bother to hear Petie finish and just went ahead with his play.

Then a chorus of singing birds began to cry out to Petie Pie. "Paint the barn red again! It’s so dirty we’re ashamed to bring our friends to rest on it. Please Petie!” And with this Petie was growing angrier for his stroll was constantly being interrupted and he said to himself  “Well after all it is about time I did it anyway. At least the animals will stop pestering me and I can enjoy my strolls once again."

So, Petie Pie went into the store house and got his ladder, paint brush and a can of red paint. When the animals saw this they all gathered around the barn to watch Petie paint. So Petie set the ladder on the side of the barn and started to climb to the top with his paint brush and can of red paint in his hand. But, when he reached  the top the rungs of the ladder started to break.

Poor Petie slid down the entire ladder and hit the ground. His paint can spilled and all the beautiful red paint with it. And, the brush fell into the dirt and was ruined. Petie began to cry "woe is me. Now I hurt. But it serves me right. I haven’t used this ladder for a long time it got old and fell apart. If only I had another ladder, can of paint and paint brush."

And then all the animals began to cry too. They knew it might take many more Sundays before he would attempt it again...

End of Part One. Petie Pie Paints his Barn…Read Part two tomorrow on Chicago Then!

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