The Chicago Cubs Franchise should move. Guess where!

The Chicago Cubs Franchise should move. Guess where!

There is a plethora of suggestions about what to do with the Chicago Cubs. Among them are management changes, player changes and scrapping Wrigley Field to move to another location. Perhaps a motivational speaker like the one who appeared in ‘The Natural". Remember? "Losing is a state of mind” the motivational speaker droned on and on. That didn’t work and it isn't working now for our loveable losers, the Chicago Cubs.

Honestly, I can’t figure out why we continually love the Cubs. Let’s face it, they haven’t won a World Series since 1908. Their record in World Series play is 2 wins and 8 losses for a combined total of 10 appearances in 108 years. (The Cubs also won the Series in 1907)A figure most people have forgotten or never knew.

In all fairness they have tried and tried and tried but we are tired of their trying instead of winning. Next year never comes. It doesn’t hurt their box office receipts however as packing Wrigley Field with the hopeful and hopeless continues. And here it is, 2013 and spring training is about to return. Ho Hum!

Now Cub fans get ready to throw tomatoes; there is a solution. Transfer the Chicago Cub franchise to the AAA minor leagues. They could replace the Iowa Cub,s the present AAA franchise but remain in Wrigley Field. So, we could remain in the ivy vines and still be known as the AAA Chicago Cub Franchise.

Now we would have an entirely new schedule of teams filling the playing dates. The fans would have the unusual opportunity of seeing potential Major League players in progress. Then they could lean back and pray the Cubs could win the AAA league championship. After all we have seen many Cub players reassigned to a minor league team. How thrilling this would be for everyone!

First, we might have a chance of winning our first championship since 1908. If any of our players don’t work out you can always call in major league players that are being sent to the minors. The fans would jam Wrigley Field to cheer on our new AAA franchise team to a possible AAA championship team. Why not? We send enough potential players back to the minor leagues every season and bring up other prospects towards the end of the season.

I for one will go back to Wrigley Field after the many years of total frustration and exasperation watching the Cubs blow the lead year after year. I remember all too well the 1969 Cubs that had the greatest players of the 20th century. We can’t forget Ernie Banks, Ron Santo, Glenn Beckert and Billy Williams among the great. And we arguably had one of the greatest managers in baseball history in Leo Durocher. He had this town in hysteria. He could have been elected Mayor of Chicago until the tragic month of September when they lost 8 in a row while the Mets were winning 10 in a row. Ouch. We blew the pennant. But, who could forget the excitement of that year.

So dear fans we have tried but found no success. Join the AAA Chicago Cubs minor league team and hope they can win a pennant in that division. And should that not work, well they’d be in the minor leagues already.

Memories light the corners of my mind. Please Chicago Cubs, light new memories for me and your faithful fans.

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