Election 2012 ends and hence, my phone stopped ringing

Election 2012 ends and hence, my phone stopped ringing

I am very unhappy. No one calls me anymore! A wrap up of the election , in my opinion of course.

For days and weeks I received umpteen phone calls from President Obama’s supporters. For a while Michelle Obama was my buddy which I wrote about back in July. She even sent me autographed pictures and letters referring to me with my first name and signed them Michelle.

Oh how the glory of being a single vote in our Democratic system made me feel special. Can you imagine each of us who were besieged by phone calls, letters of appeal, non- stop marathon advertising on TV, the internet, newspapers and other methods of today’s technological wonders?

Now that the election has finally come to a conclusion and I voted as I have since the days President Eisenhower, no one loves me anymore. My phone calls have ceased. I miss the incessant interruptions listening to a robocall and sometimes even a live volunteer. And, listen to this; I received a phone call from President Clinton to vote for President Obama. You may have as well? Michelle has forgotten me, no more letters, no more pix and no more Dear Norman from Michelle. I am devastated. Do I need a political therapist to get thru this dark period when I have been cut off? Don’t worry, I will survive.

As many of you have closely followed this vicious campaign that cost nearly 20 billion dollars to finance, what have we gained? Democracy is strong as ever and we the American people relish the right to vote any way we want. And, for that we will forever thank and bless our service men and women who have fought and died to keep us free. My opinion of the result is one of 70 million people who voted. So, for the moment I will leave it to the pundits who usually talk about nothing to make it sound like something.

As for me I researched my own columns about the subject matter used in this campaign. On September 18, 2012 I suggested the Michelle Obama versus Ann Romney for President Campaign. Later Erin Burnett of CNN also hinted at the idea as a favorable one... Sorry Erin, I said it first. On the subject of social security my opinion was voiced on August 15, 2012, one that was received favorably by those of us who are indeed seniors. Mr. President, I have even chastised you for your narrow knowledge of the Holocaust. What intrigued me is that the Polish government agreed on that point.

People keep saying we need a third party but what they don’t realize is that there are dozens of polical parties, most of which we don’t know, and to that point refer to my blog of May 17, 2012 “Politics and the Plethora of Parties”. And bear with me I have two more comments.

We all know the billions of dollars spent on this campaign but there was a time when an American Icon, President Harry Truman ran his campaign on an almost bankrupt till.  And now one of my favorite blogs, if not the favorite. On April 12, 2012 I suggested that Fox News and CNN – Let them elect the President! It was a satire on how the cable outlooks influence the elections and to a point sway their viewers to vote one way or the other. In fact it was suggested we save time and money by allowing them to take their many and varied polls and declare the winner. They do anyway five minutes after the polls close! In doing so they have disenfranchised the rest of the country from their right to cast a ballot when the outcome has been decided by the cable media.

So for now let’s settle back and pray that all the promises made will be promises kept.

God Bless America.

Memories light the corners of my mind. And I hope yours too!

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  • I seem to have run into the reverse.

    Probably because I early voted, the only political calls I got were [futile] ones about how Illinois is broke, but those went to the answering machine.

    However, I now have an onslaught of calls apparently with spoofed caller ID, some of which I think are Charitable Clothing. There is also always "Rachael from Card Services," but at least "Card Services" now show up on Caller ID.

    At least now I can turn on the TV, where the ads started about a week ago to go back to car ads. Similarly, I can listed to the radio without hearing insance commercials about some state legislative race between someone who'll make you pregnant vs.someone who'll raise your taxes. These are more annoying because 95% were not about my district.

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    awwww, poor Norm. Deserted even by Michelle. Heck, now how come I got calls from both parties, and yes, all those important high up governement officials, along with a few Hollywood celebrities?
    Don't worry, as another mentioned, Rachel from Card Services is usually pretty reliable, as well as someone wanting to put siding on your home, or windows, or maybe even get you to extend your subscription, or make a new one. Your phone will be ringing, and even "do not call" will not prevent the persistent. LOL

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    Not to mention those who want your Comm Ed account number, without saying who they are.

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