Ann Romney v Michelle Obama for President?

Ann Romney v Michelle Obama for President?

Are we electing Ann Romney or Michelle Obama as President or their husbands?? At times it’s difficult to tell who the candidates actually are.  It’s interesting to note that both husbands had a gentlemen’s agreement to leave their wives and families alone during this brutal hand to hand combat.

We all watched both the Democratic and Republican national conventions.  Who were the stars of both campaigns?  For the Republicans it was Ann Romney who aroused the delegates with her charm and description of Mitt, her husband whom you should get to know better.  And for the Democratic campaign it was First Lady Michelle Obama who also aroused the delegates with her charm and line item by line item told the American people what a wonderful husband she has.

Both women talked of their husband’s early careers. The Romneys used an ironing board for their dinner table and the President courted the First Lady in a rusty car in which you could see the street through the rusty car door. Whooppeeeeeee!!!!

When the final night of each convention convened, each of the Presidential candidates praised their wives, told them how they had improved their lives and how happy they were having married them. At times it appeared to be a new series of how I met my wife and how many times you asked her to marry you. Each candidate admitted that was the best decision they'd ever made and then it suddenly struck me, ANN AND MICHELLE SHOULD BE THE CANDIDATES FOR PRESIDENT.

After all they presented their credentials, in unvarnished terms they spoke eloquently of how they helped make their husbands better men and political persons.  In addition, the five Romney boys were prominently displayed on TV and sounded as if they could be potential candidates for public office.  After all they are handsome, erudite and eloquent speakers.

Let’s go back to the convention. After Gov. Romney concluded his tepid speech and spoke of us his love for Ann and family, the crowd roared as if a newly crowned Heavyweight champion had won and out came Ann, her sons and family.  After the President gave a rerun of his accomplishments then came Michelle, their daughters and even his Mother-in Law. Who is running that family?  The crowd cheered, balloons fell out of the sky and there as Michelle did as Ann did, waved to the cheering delegates and all of America saw who the real candidates are.

Ann & Michelle. Their husbands the First Husbands of the land.  Now that would be a great combination.  We know that scenario cannot occur but think about the scratching and clawing of two women vying to become our first Lady President.  The one accomplishment that the ladies did make was to show is that there will be a female President of the United States in most of our lifetimes.  What both conventions did was to give us a preview of coming attractions.  Thank you Ann and Michelle.


Memories light the corners of my mind. And I hope yours too!

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