9/11: my thoughts

9/11: my thoughts

September 11, 2001 a date that will live in infamy when the forces of evil deliberately attacked the twin towers of the World Trade Center in New York. The devastation, grief and heart wrenching loss of life were gut wrenching to the entire country. I was on my way to the University of Wisconsin where I was ironically studying Philosophy of the Holocaust.

The announcement of the first plane hitting the Tower was unreal; perhaps an error in judgment by the pilot or as Muhammad Ali thought it was perhaps a movie that was being filmed. When I arrived in class the Professor who was never a moment late finally came into he classroom and announced the other tower had been attacked, then full realization that we were at war soon entered our conscious minds.

Today we are commerating that horrible date of history but for me and my wife our journey of teaching students about the Holocaust included 9-11-01. Our personal journey began not only helping students to recognize the tragic period of history known as the Holocaust but also to help them fill in the blanks about the twin towers.

For me the year began with the birth of my first great grandson and now eleven years later he is beginning to learn about these two life changing events, the Holocaust and 9-11. This knowledge is preparing him to learn about evil and how we as a society in our great country can combat these forces of destruction and evil.

Each of you reading this and I am sure many other tales of that day in September have your own thoughts. But, today let us focus our attention on the 3000 persons who lost their precious lives and their families in the twin towers, the Pentagon and
Shanksville, Pa. God bless their memory and God bless the USA.

While this event doesn’t light up the memories of my mind the story of 9-11 and Pearl Harbor of Dec 7, 1941 must never be forgotten .

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