Social Security entitlement; is this a joke??

Social Security entitlement; is this a joke??

Ok Mitt and Barack, this is silly season. Hey Mitt, I recently received an autographed picture from Michelle Obama and a letter addressing me with my first name. This week I received an autographed picture of President Obama looking so serious.  So, the point is this: where is my autographed picture of you and your wife, Ann?

I feel left out Mitt.  After all, George W. Bush sent me an autographed picture of himself and Laura suitable for framing. At this point in time I can’t even turn on my computer without one of your ads about getting jobs for Americans with the fade out of you holding hands with your most beautiful wife.

Now Mitt, why can’t I receive an autographed copy of that picture for my home? And please make it suitable for framing.  I remember something about leaving our wives out of the campaign by both you and President Obama.  Or did you mean don’t criticize them and respect their privacy? However, now both of you are sending your wives on the road to tout their husband’s success and why they are the best man for the job. Did you catch that about the best man instead of person?

I said this is silly season so I feel like being silly. Don’t throw tomatoes at me please. That said let us continue.  The slinging of mud seems to be the campaign strategy of both camps. Enough already. We have had enough mud to build a hut somewhere in the Fiji Islands. The issues are getting lost in your mudslinging.

Now Mitt and Barack, what are your thoughts about the seniors in this country of which I am one? Don’t remember getting older but it seems I have. For three years the seniors in the United States did not receive as much as a one penny increase in their social security.  This is not an entitlement program as it is being called. Every person who works has to have his or her social security deducted from their salary to fund the coffers. So after three years of no increase we finally received a pitiable increase in our 2012 checks.

All we hear is rhetoric about the solution and for heaven’s sake stop calling it an entitlement program. We paid our dues. Oh by the way how much do our Congress and US Senators pay for their social security? We will refresh your memory: nothing. Nothing, nothing.

You understand Mitt and Barack.  Well you both have your spin doctors. By the way what medical schools did they attend? Oh I remember the school of bull….. fill in the blank.

Well that’s about enough for now so Mitt send me that autographed picture so I can have it along with former President George and Laura Bush.

Now I am going to my AOL and catch up with your latest ad.


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