Olympics and the media: can you stop spoiling the outcome??

Olympics and the media: can you stop spoiling the outcome??

Everyone has their own opinion about the Olympics...

And that includes me. First, the average person would have to own a minimum of 5 television sets or keep changing the channels with the remote control.  Do you have any idea of how many divorces between spouses this would cause…or the infighting as to what channel to watch.  “Ya I want to watch swimming” or “Ya I want to see beach volleyball” Of course they are on two different channels so if you are Sherlock  Holmes you can deduce what channel you have to turn to.  Of course the Olympics being in London we have to call in Britian’s ace sleuth.

Second: if you are computer savvy you might be able to watch the games on your computer live streaming. That is, if you get along with a few hours sleep and still be aware of where you are when you go to work.  Now your co-workers are aware that you saw the main events already so they bug you about who won so then it’s up to you to answer or not.

Third: You go to your computer and click on AOL.com and you are inundated with the results of the day’s events.But AOL gives you ‘fair warning” that you are about to watch the results of events completed that will be shown on TV the same night. Think about it…You see fair warning with the spoiler alert but you know the race between Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte was finished with Michael Phelps collecting his 20th Olympic medal, and if you don’t by now, you must been on Mars. Phelps is now the athlete with the most Olympic medals ever…Of course I’m proud and you are proud but stop. We can add one and one and still come out with two. So when Michael wins another medal it will be number 21 and he will once again be announced as the greatest medal winner of all times... You get the picture.

Fourth: Pardon me but I’d like to see one game of the men’s basketball Team USA but so far it has eluded me.  Yes, I’ve enjoyed the ladies Team USA and their brilliant play and yes we are all proud of them.  We are also proud of the men’s team but I can’t seem to find out what time they are playing and on what channel. HELP.

Fifth:  Congratulations to the women gymnastic team for winning the gold medal. But, knowing they had already won took the suspense and joy out of the victory. And, then there are the reporters asking feeble questions that make the viewer cringe. “Tell me how do you feel knowing you just LOST your bid to be in the finals?"  Someday the athlete should say "you dumb moron how do you think I feel? Did you got to school of journalism or the school of stupid questions?” Just once and I would be very happy.

And now number six..it is your turn to give your opinion of the 2012 Olympic television coverage. I bet there are some real doozies on your mind…please share them with us.

These memories will brighten the corners of your mind for years to come…Congratulations USA.


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  • Way back when NBC had the red, blue and gold pay per view Olympic networks on cable preempting HBO and Showtime, I figured it wasn't worth it. This was reinforced when the price went way down a couple of days into the games.

    Also, I had already gotten teed off that sports in which I was interested were on a side network, or on at 1:00 a.m. Now, I see that prime time is something like synchronized diving with 2 guys in tight Speedos.

    I don't believe in paying $100/month for cable to get a couple of hundred channels of nothing.

    In fact, I am satisfied by Mark Giangreco's simulator. The 3D is getting pretty good.

  • omgshh I thought I was the only one who kept missing the mens bball games. Like what is NBC's deal. And how come they just cant take the time out and do events little at a time so we can at least get to watch all sport live. I feel like I been watching replays of gymnastics and swimming matches. Now I have to find out what all channels are showing the olumpics because I refuse to miss the track races and may wheather boxing matches.

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