Michelle Obama is my buddy

Michelle Obama is my buddy

I knew First Lady Roslyn Carter before she became First Lady. We met at the North Shore Hilton in Skokie, Il. where
she was campaigning on behalf of her husband, soon to be President Jimmy Carter. My wife and her business partner were pioneers in the women's newspaper movement and had a private interview with Mrs. Carter. I was with them for it and it was a powerful experience for all of us.

That said, I have never actually met our current First Lady Michelle Obama, but she seems to know me. And that's great. Mrs. Obama sends me personal letters every couple of weeks along with an autographed picture of she and her family. She always addresses me as Norman so we must have a connection.

Along with that she also sends me a nice letter addressing her husband's accomplishments. And she sends me a fund raising form on which I am to address her as Dear Michelle. Thank you Michelle. It isn't often that I receive a letter from America's First Lady on a first name basis.

I am also flattered at your generosity permitting me to address you so informally. In the autographed picture you sent me I recognized your two beautiful daughters but excuse me: who is that man in the picture with you?  His name is nowhere to be found nor is there an autograph. Oh, excuse me Michelle that's only your husband, the President of the United States.

He doesn't seem to know me as you do since the President did not give me his autograph. So this is a request for a family picture with your original signatures for me to frame in my home. Yes somewhere in my late wife's file I have a picture taken along with Mrs. Carter. Maybe one day, who knows, we can have a picture taken together. That would indeed be an honor.

This will light the corners of my mind and I hope Mrs. Obama's as well; oh I mean Michelle.

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