I found myself on Ebay. For sale!

My granddaughter called me and said my picture was for sale on Ebay.  Of course, I thought she was pulling her grandpa's leg. Sure enough I checked out her observation and as they say, golly gee, there I am as part of a section called historical images. At first it startled me to see my pictures for sale as a historical image. And the other startler was how young I was.

Today's blog is truly Chicago Then and the history of Chicago in the 1950's and 1970's. For those who were around in 1970, you may remember there was an election to decide whether or not a Regional Transportation Authority would be voted up or down by the people of Illinois. There was an outcry by the GOP to vote no as the City of Chicago would receive the lion's share of the fund and then Mayor R. Daley would have too much power over the RTA decisions. Their slogan was KNOw to the RTA. and thus the campaign was under way.

In those years I was involved in politics and presented a program called Operation Yes RTA in suburban Cook County. Our involvement was to get out the vote for passage of the RTA.( That campaign is fodder for a future blog.) We also created a Suburban Mayor's Committee for those who supported the program. I was the chairman of the suburban cook county RTA committee.

To make those histories short the RTA indeed became a viable transportation system for all suburbs, Chicago and surrounding communities.  After the election the GOP tried a recall election to overturn the vote. And that's where I came in again.  We put together a group of supportive suburban mayors and others to hold a press conference to challenge the recall. I spoke on the floor of the Illinois House of Representatives asking the house not to consider the challenge and the challenge was defeated.

Some pictures were taken and then forgotten by me over the ensuing years. Well sure enough, there I am on Ebay with hair and mustache, long side burns of that era and black horn rimmed frames. So, if you haven't anything better to do with $26.99 you can have a piece of Chicago history and my picture. How lucky can you get!

Now as to picture two.. the one without a mustache and my bulging eyes. I was so young I almost didn't recognize myself.  When my family was young and we were all starting out in life we had lived at 39 N Lotus in the Austin community. We decided to move to West Rogers Park and submitted the usual forms to the Post Office. Well a one in a million occurred we moved out and a new tenant with the same last name moved in. Then the confusion started.

The new tenants mail was forwarded to my new address and I discovered I was a medical student. His name was Monis and mine is Norman. Then his income tax was forwarded to me and all kinds of invitations to different conferences and some of my mail was going to him. The Chicago Sun Times was told of this million to one chance and called me and asked if they could interview me and take my picture.

At that point in my young life I was manager of a shoe store in Chicago's loop and that's where I was interviewed. Hence, the second picture was taken. And again it was forgotten over time.

Someone felt due to the nature of these stories they would put their historical images file on Ebay. The second picture will only cost you $21.99.  If someone other than my family purchases one of these I will send them a thank you note and autograph the picture.
So there you have it.

Now I am part of Chicago's history.

Memories light the corners of my mind. And I hope yours too.

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