Richard Speck: I hope he is rotting in hell

Richard Speck: I hope he is rotting in hell

It would seem in my lifetime there have been numerous serial killers.  Recently I wrote about Chicago's forgotten serial killer, William Heirens. Yet, the most evil monster of all serial killers was Richard Speck, a supermale in  blue panties.

He unfortunately lived on this earth for 50 years too long. He was born December 6, 1941, the day before the attack on Pearl Harbor and died December 5, 1991, two days before the commemoration of the attack. I remember 1966 when this soulless bastard was able to enter the townhome of eight student nurses on E 100th Street. There was also one nurse visiting at the time.

He surprised the women with a knife and gun and ordered them to be still. He then took them one by one into a different room and murdered them. The details of how he murdered them while important, are too abhorrent to repeat. The last of the eight women he murdered was the only one he raped before his dastardly action ended.

Eight victims

What he didn't know was the ninth woman, the visitor crawled under a bed and fortunately he never spotted her.  She had been able to read his tattoo with these inhuman words, "Born to raise hell".

Surviving nurse

After the attack, the nurse waited for what seemed to be hours. When she was sure he left she crawled out and saw her murdered friends.  She crawled to an open window and began shouting "they are dead, they are all dead!"  The Chicago Police were notified of the monstrous happening and the investigation and man hunt started.

They did find Speck's finger prints on the door and other places. After gathering many leads the police captured this evil reincarnate in a flop house on W. Madison's skid row. After a lengthy trial that the prosecutor and defense attorney waged Speck was found guilty and committed to Statesville Prison in Illinois.

As these serial killers are put away for life they are forgotten in a relatively short time. Except for those people and I who have never been able to forget. It was years later that a video tape made in prison interviewing Speck that his evil was seen by millions of viewers. They heard chilling words that resonated in your brain and most of us had nightmares after the tape was shown.

In the interview it showed that Speck had become a "woman" of sorts, growing breasts as if he were female, willingly giving other male prisoners oral and anal sex while wearing blue panties. He told Chicago's Bill Kurtis who conducted the interview that he was having "the time of his life" and ought to let him go. Believe it or not he actually applied for parole many times.Each time he was denied in record moments.

Speck in prison

There were many facets of this trial that have been entered in the curriculum of medical schools and law school as a subject. I pray this blog does not romanticize Speck or give any impression of pity for him. I only hoped to show what this bastard had consciously done when he murdered those  eight innocent student nurses in 1966.

I dedicate this blog to their memory. Rest in peace.


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  • I remember, too.
    My aunt lived close to the area.

    At that time, mass murders were extremely rare, and when one occurred in an ordinary neighborhood, it was as if the devil himself appeared, and in many ways Speck was evil incarnate.

    Mass murders happen with such frequency now they hardly last two days in the news cycle.

    Good article on a horrible subject.

  • What explains these mass murderers? Nature? Nurture? Possession? Are there any plausible etiologies? And what of the mercy of God?

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