Dancing With the Stars - a season to remember

Dancing With the Stars - a season to remember

Ok Dancing With the Stars fans now is the time to argue about who should have won the mirror ball trophy. In my opinion  Katherine of Great Britain should have the mirror ball to take home. She led the leader board for at least 8 of the 10 weeks of competition and more raves from the judges then the show has ever had.

The finale this year was one to be remembered. The previous dancers all danced as if they could have won the mirror ball.  And Maria had the one last dance with her on stage lover Derek. One of these seasons someone will explain how you can top the leader board as often as Katherine did and come in second. On second thought no matter how good, bad, ordinary or sensational it is ultimately the voters that determine the winner. So as not to sound like sour grapes I congratulate Donald Driver of the Green Bay Packers for winning the trophy. To him it was as sweet as winning the Super Bowl.  There is no doubt in my mind the fan base in Wisconsin voted for their hometown hero and eventually gave him enough votes to carry him across the goal line.

Now as this season any one of the final four would have won the trophy in past seasons. There have been strong winners and some weak winners that baffled the viewing audience about their victory. And, every year I say "no more",  I will not get hooked into watching DWTS again. Yet for 14 seasons I've been hooked but not like this year. The opening show was the most glorious show in their history. I and the rest of America were hooked by the talent displayed on that great night.

Week by week a performer that might have advanced in any other season was sent home, trophyless. The shock wave of potential winners being voted out could not be avoided. Most of this years compliment of stars could have won in most seasons. But dear readers I must say that without any fan base and not living in the U.S.A. this is why Katherine did not win. In my opinion she is the most remarkable pure dancer this show has produced since its inception.

So after all is said and done congratulations to Donald Driver, love and kisses to Katherine who graced our homes for 10 glorious week and to our Latin sensation William.  Bruno is in love with you and the women of America thank you for putting a spark in their life every week.

And to Len, you finally broke down and smiled you curmudgeon. So I look forward to next season and only hope it lives up to the brilliance.The memory of this years DTWS will be a light for years...and I hope yours too...Viva La Dance!


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    AH, Norm, who would've thought you were such a fan, too. I agree about Katherine, and just could not believe she came in 2nd. I think Mark Balas is THE most talented choreographer in the entire group.
    Donald sure did show his delight, and he HAS been a fan of the show since Day 1, so this had to be a huge dream for him. And yep, all those cheeseheads put him over the top. Heck, I have friends who told me they wanted him to win.......only because he was a Packer! So, it isn't always all about the dancing.

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    I live in madison and know that this state has gone crazy when Drivers name was announced..Hope to see u in September.....be well..hi to the folks

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