Politics and the plethora of parties

Politics and the plethora of parties

We now have a minimum of five political parties vying for power. Before I go on we all know over the years there have been a multitude of parties, mostly unknown to the average voter. That said let's go to the core of what's troubling America today and its virtual gridlock.

Since the days of Abraham Lincoln we have had the Republican Party and the Democratic Party. Then there is the Independent party not on these ballots except for those voters who find it socially acceptable they are not for either of the parties but they vote for the candidate. Really. Social political correctness should be on the ballot as well but, at the moment, they are Independents.

Now, we have the Tea Party hiding within the Republican Party. And the fifth party is not really a party but those who choose not to vote. Their reason for not voting is "I don't like any of the candidates. Who cares anyway? My vote doesn't count." Now occasionally there is a genuine third party that is not hiding behind another party but runs on it's own. Ross Perot was an example and then Ralph Nader, who whether he likes or not gave us George W. Bush #43. But, to their credit they didn't double talk the voting public about where they stood on the issues.

As you read this, you either agree or disagree, that is your privilege. Our nation's primaries are taking shape or are they?
The Tea Party successfully voted against Sen.Richard Luger of Indiana for the GOP nomination for another term. But, they claim they are not politicians and only want to reclaim America. Frankly, I didn't know it was lost!

In the final analysis the candidate for whom you vote in the November elections were probably picked by the Tea Party because to their credit, the Party wants it's candidates on the final ballot. They have their own agenda for the country and now have become a powerful force in American politics to the point of gridlock in the Congress. Speaker of the House, John Boehner has a difficult time and has been weakened by the Tea Party element of the GOP.  He walks around shaking his head and maybe cries out of the public eye.

Notice that todays candidates admit they are seeking independent voters since their base in all probability will vote for the parties choice. So we covered the Democrats, The GOP, the Tea Party, and the Independents but all I offer to the fifth party that doesn't vote is don't complain about who was elected or the direction our country is headed. You didn't get involved in the process for whatever reason you offer.

So we have gridlock, either of the parties can compromise or else. For the next several months we will be inundated by negative advertising in all forms of media. Search out the truth for yourself so you can make an intelligent decision on the facts and not Madison Ave filling your mind with junk.

Let us go back to voting for our country and it's continued course in history. And, God Bless America.


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  • Your bias is kind of hanging out there, regarding the Tea Party, which weakens the posting a bit. It is okay to admit you do not like what they stand for; being lukewarm is, well, not refreshing.

    As far as quick action in Congress, it can only spell trouble and the spending of more money which the nation does not have. It is the lack of gridlock that has taken the country to the edge, fiscally.

    Social political correctness is on the ballet, in the form of Democrats and most Republicans. So as not to be swirling around in tepid thoughts and water, I will state that I detest most of them, along with the so-called "Independents", who do not seem to have any opinions or values.

    The fifth party, made up of the "no-voters" is really two factions, in my opinion. One faction is the "futility faction" of my vote does not count. How wrong they are. The other faction is the "system failure" faction. They do not believe in democratic rights, but, I think, want to be taken care of by a benevolent dictator. Making up their own mind and having a hand in their own destiny is too much work, so they are better off not voting.

    Oh, those who are recipients of government revenue, which today is some sixty percent of the population, will never vote for the common good, but only for their own continuing well-being, compliments of their fellow citizen. Good of country? Not them. Good for their pockets, rather.

  • Norm ~ Keeping looking back...sometimes the view is so much nicer...at least to those of us of a certain age!

  • In reply to Jack Spatafora:

    Amen. A friend used to say 'you got that rite. Thanks Jack

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