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Xbox One, TV, video games not to be used for

When you first take a glimpse at the new Xbox you could swear that it is a device from back in the 60’s or 70’s, because when you compare to the PS3 it is pretty thick.  It comes with an updated version the Kinect camera. Now most college, high school kids will never turn off... Read more »

PS3 old news, PS4 is the new rage

Sony announced last night at a meeting that could be seen online. The PS4 which was the big announcement last night will be on sale to the masses out there during what time? The holidays! With all of us tech geeks out there anxiously waiting for the big reveal of the device all Sony provided... Read more »

Microsoft Holiday look book

The holiday’s are approaching us at a fast speed unlike any other that I have experienced. As we all have seen on tv and online  everyone is using their advertisements to remind us that we need to get gifts for Christmas. So let me aid you on your quest for the perfect and before you... Read more »

Wii U not a university but a gaming console

As the busiest shopping of the season approaches there is one thing that your kids or husbands will be asking for this holiday season and let  me be the first to advise you on one thing that will be coming out next week. The Wii U is the newest gaming console that Nintendo is launching... Read more »

Techy Bytes 01-27-2012

Facebook Timeline is coming beware! –  If you are on Facebook and who isn’t, you might have run into some friends changing their pages to timeline format. And if you are like me, I don’t like it. It’s one to somehow gather your pasts posts and make you rememeber what you posted on January 1st... Read more »

Buy PC get a Xbox 360, for real!

Happy Monday to everyone out there. We all know that is a day that we all  dread. But it is here and we have to conquer this day and make it the best day  possible. So put a smile on your face and make it best Monday possible. Now  onto today’s Monday entry.  If you... Read more »

Techy Bytes 05-13-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Hallelujah that the weekend is here. We all  have been wanting that the weekend get here as soon as possible and it is here.  Now onto today’s Techy Bytes edition of my blog. It will be covering 3 topics  that made news this week.  Trade your PS3 now –... Read more »

Techy Bytes 04-29-2011

Happy Friday to everyone out there. A weekend that most people have been waiting  for. Hopefully the weather will be changing for the best for everyone out there.  Onto today’s Techy Bytes.  Hulu plus on XBox 360 – Starting today you can now access Hulu plus on your  Xbox 360. And you can enjoy a... Read more »

Nintendo Wii retiring??

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. And if you  are in Chicago, you must be wondering when will the warm weather come? Because  the last couple of days have been very dreary with rain, rain and some sun but  the majority has been rain. It is like we are... Read more »

Playstation Network down, can it get up??

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday to get over, after a weekend that included Earth Day and Good Friday and Easter this past Sunday make this Monday a day where you are saying to yourself, do I have to go back to work?? But if you want to pay those bills then you... Read more »