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All about the Droid Turbo

Hey there fellow techy followers. Sorry that I have not posted in some time a brand new post. I am here now and I won’t go away, plus in the upcoming posts I will be updating you on some new tech toys that you might be interested in giving for a holiday gift or you... Read more »

Is AT&T cool now?

If you read my last post, you saw how I mentioned that T-Mobile was introducing a new way for customers to upgrade their phones. So T-Mobile introduced that you can upgrade a phone within 6 months. Also another thing that asked in my last post was if you any of the big 3 of the... Read more »

Verizon is getting tough on upgrades

Everyone who owns a cell phone knows that when you sign a 2 year contract that the benefits of having a contract that long is that within the 2 year time frame you can qualify for a upgrade. Word is coming out that Verizon is making their upgrade process a tough process for your the... Read more »

New iPad coming.. That's right

You read that headline correctly. There will be a brand spanking new iPad coming out. No.. it is not inexpensive it is completely the opposite. It is way more expensive than the regular iPad. What is new about this new iPad. Well one that is has way more capacity than your standard iPad. It has... Read more »

iPhone 5

All the rage the last couple of weeks was the mention of the iPhone 5 and how it was going to look and how much it was going to be. I can safely say that no one will be disappointed with what was announced. So let me get down to the nitty gritty of the... Read more »

Facetime over a cell network, extra money on your bill?

If you remember some time back, I had mentioned that when Apple made their presentation of the newest OS’s. That Apple had planned on making the iOS 6 which would change our iPhone’s and iPad into something totally different from what was first seen. Also when they ┬ámade the presentation that had mentioned that they... Read more »

Pre-paid iPhone? It's true.

Who among us right here right now are customers of Cricket wireless? I am not currently a customer of Cricket, I am a AT&T customer. Cricket wireless has not been in business that long and they have made a major coup for themselves. Most of the major cell-phone retailers right now have their own iPhone.... Read more »

Techy Bytes 12-16-11

Big Sale for phones – There are some people out there that are anxiously waiting for the release of this phone and it has finally come out. The Galaxy Nexus offically went on sale yesterday. Verizon which is the prime selller of the phone sells the phone for $300 with a 2 year contract. But... Read more »

Techy Bytes 10-21-11

Droid Razr is here – Motorola the Illinois based company that first revolutionized the world with the intro of the cellphone and then bring to the masses the Razr, then after the big hit that it had with the Motorola Razr they weren’t able to match the popularity that it had with that device. Motorola... Read more »

iPad 2 is here!

Happy Friday to everyone out there. Another weekend to get ready for. Just be  safe everyone if you are going to be out and about this weekend. And also try to  make it to Monday. Which we all know sucks. But it has to be done. Now onto  today’s topic. As all my fellow readers... Read more »