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My Playstation Vita Review

This is my first official review of a product. And the lucky product that get’s the techy treatment was the Playstation Vita. When you first get a glance into the device you could swear that it is much like the original. The look and feel of the device is practically the same. There are upgrades... Read more »

PS Vita meet PSP

We all have seen the Taco Bell commercials promoting that they are giving out PSP Vita’s. So now the question is for the owners of the PSP and what do you do with all the games that you used to play with? As you may know the Playstation Portable never quite took any fans away... Read more »

Techy Bytes 10-21-11

Droid Razr is here – Motorola the Illinois based company that first revolutionized the world with the intro of the cellphone and then bring to the masses the Razr, then after the big hit that it had with the Motorola Razr they weren’t able to match the popularity that it had with that device. Motorola... Read more »

Techy Bytes 09-02-11

Sony has not learned 3D is not the way to go – I have never been a fan of the whole craze of 3D, not at home and not in a movie theater. Why? Are you going to pay extra to look like a dork at home and also not be able to have enough... Read more »

Techy Bytes 08-19-2011

PS3 is on sale – If you never thought you would see the day, well it is here now. Sony has officially put it’s prized console on sale for the low low price 50 dollars off. So here are the details of the sale. Your entry level PS3 is now $250 and the other system... Read more »

Techy Bytes 08-05-11

100 dollars off for a HP Touchpad – Yes! you heard that right a device is lowering it’s price when it was launched just recently. And no it is not because of pressure from rivals or in need of customers. The lower price will be in effect this weekend only on it’s website so don’t... Read more »

Sony and Nintendo winners @ E3

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hot day for everyone out there.  Just a little piece of advice for everyone out there, please stay hydrated, drink  a lot of water. And if possible find a place that has an AC. Also take good care of your pets everyone. You don’t want them to be... Read more »

Playstation prize package details

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. Another hump day to get over. After today  it should be a breeze for everyone. So have faith that today is the climax of the  week. Now onto today’s topic. We all who have followed my blogs these past few weeks have noticed that I have  provided you the... Read more »

Playstation network is back online

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday that we are dreading but today I want to congratulate Mr. Rahm Emanuel today on his inauguration and he will be  becoming the new mayor of Chicago after a long tenure from Richard Daley and we  all are going to be missing Richard Daley but we had... Read more »

Playstation network is back this week

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday that you may be dreading but  today is a different Monday because today the Bulls second round game starts  against the Atlanta Hawks. There hasn’t been so much anticipation for these games since back when MJ was around. So Chicago let’s all cheer on our beloved Bulls ... Read more »