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Samsung Galaxy Mega

As you probably read my last post last week. I noted that Samsung launched the new smartwatch that will work with the Note 3. Now comes word that Samsung has a new toy that will entice you to get the latest and greatest from Samsung. Think about this guys. Do you want a phone and... Read more »

HTC One X and White Beatbox Sound dock reviews

HTC One X review – Every phone manufacturer is trying to come out with a smartphone, but not only a good smartphone but one that can take away some people from the iPhone craze. And now here is HTC with the One X . At first when you first turn on the phone you look... Read more »

Introducing : Chicago Local Guide Android App

If you are a tourist to any city that you are visiting, who do you rely on to get you to the places you want to go to? Many times you will rely on your concierge at the hotel that will tell you of the things that are happening in the city or the local... Read more »

To 4G or no 4G

Alert my fellow readers! Now if you are an owner of a iPhone 4S . If you have applied the new software update that Apple has offered you might have noticed that in the top left corner of the phone there is an indicator of your signal strength and the network that you are on,... Read more »

Techy Bytes

No iPhone! I’m out – That is what some customers have told T-Mobile their cell provider because since the 3 major cell providers have obtained the rights to sell the iPhone more customers from T-Mobile have opted out of their contracts and signed up with one of the big 3. The company announced that it... Read more »