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Samsung Galaxy S6 announced today

Hey there my fellow techy followers. I have some late breaking news that if you were out and about on this Sunday, then you probably have not heard the news of the day. Samsung today announced that it will be releasing a new line of Galaxy phones that will be upgraded from it’s previous version.... Read more »

HD cell phone calls??

Have you ever been at a party when the cell phone rings and you have to move to the next room or to another place where they can actually hear you and you can hear the other person on the line talking. Well if have this problem, I have some good news for you. AT&T... Read more »

EXTRA! EXTRA! Samsung Galaxy S5 is here

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Us the users have seen that Apple and Samsung have been in a bitter battle to get on top of the smartphone market and at times you will see Samsung on time and other times you will see Apple. Now comes word that if you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy series of phones... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Mega

As you probably read my last post last week. I noted that Samsung launched the new smartwatch that will work with the Note 3. Now comes word that Samsung has a new toy that will entice you to get the latest and greatest from Samsung. Think about this guys. Do you want a phone and... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy gear is here

We all have heard that Apple was going to be releasing their iWatch, but will Samsung beat them to the punch and sell a better watch? After being in the coattails of Apple, Samsung released yesterday their creation to the new age of tech. The Samung Galaxy gear smartwatch which will be released on September... Read more »

Nokia becomes Windows

Nokia 2 years ago was desperate in its search to become a giant again in the mobile phone industry that it united with Microsoft Windows and now comes word that the company’s handheld business and patents have been sold to the software giant for a cool 7.2 billion dollars. Nokia and Windows have struggled to... Read more »

All about the Samsung Galaxy S4

We all have heard the news that there is a battle to be the top smartphone in the market. That holds to be true today. There was a report that Phil Schiller just bad mouthed Samsung and Android users. To a point he is right, he mentioned that many times Android users are usually running... Read more »

Who's really the leader??

As you have probably noticed over the last couple of years the popularity of the smartphone has just taken over. That any other phone out on the market right now, just seems irrelevant. If you are reading this post on your iPhone, you might be surprised to know that the Apple iPhone is not the... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III

When you first notice this phone you see that it has a giant screen compare that screen to the iPhone and the iPhone just seems so small that it is ridiculous. Once you get the phone in your hand you don’t notice the enormity of the screen you feel like it is your regular phone.... Read more »

My review - Samsung Galaxy Tab 8.9

Any tablet that is out on the market at this present time will always be compared to the Apple iPad even if they don’t want to. The iPad has set the standard for tablets and everyone else has to follow through and try to make a dent in Apple’s empire of the tech industry. So... Read more »