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Playstation Network down, can it get up??

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another Monday to get over, after a weekend that included Earth Day and Good Friday and Easter this past Sunday make this Monday a day where you are saying to yourself, do I have to go back to work?? But if you want to pay those bills then you... Read more »

Nintendo vs Sony! Who do you like in this fight?

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another start to another week. Today’s topic  will be all about a topic that everyone that has a video game system will be  wondering, which system is best for the family? Well I hope to help you on  your quest to purchase the video game system for your family.... Read more »

Follow the leader

This past Wednesday Sony made an announcement to try to catch the leader of the video game market.   The Japanese maker of the Playstation 3 unveiled Thursday its highly anticipated motion controlling system. It wants to take aim at the leader of the pack, which is Nintendo. Sony wants to lure some Nintendo users... Read more »