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Don't be a cheater

Happy Friday to all, hope you enjoy your upcoming weekend. Before you get ready for this weekend. I would like everyone who is attending school either in college or high school to be reading this. Who would have known that technology would aide colleges and schools the ability to stop cheating but yet it is.... Read more »

New age for Magazines, Books, newspapers

There is a new age of reading newspapers, magazines, and books. Will we soon be doing away with the paper newspaper, magazines and books? And will everything move into the digital age.   As some of you may know by now that Apple will be releasing the much hyped product the IPad, it will revolutionize... Read more »

New age of arguments?

The art of the discussion and or arguments have evolved over time. And now it has gone into the technological age.   There was a report in the NY Times stating there was a couple that they always went on Facebook and put up on their statuses how the felt towards each other. But the... Read more »