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Virtual tickets coming to Wrigley

If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 and you have upgraded to the newest OS you are aware that the new OS has an app that stores your coupons, plane tickets, or baseball game tix into this app called Passbook. Now the Chicago Cubs will be joining 13 other teams that now will be... Read more »

Play Ball!

Spring training is in full effect right now for both of Chicago’s baseball teams. If you are familiar with the MLB At Bat app it offers a multitude of things for the the baseball fan out there. You can watch any baseball game wherever you are. You can also hear your favorite baseball announcers from... Read more »

Evolution of TV

How we look at TV programs, game shows, soap operas, sporting events has evolved over time and has come into the 21st century with technology that we probably never thought we were going to see. As you may have known when the video iPod first made its presence into our lives, it really changed how... Read more »