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Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

If you purchased a Microsoft Surface last year. The upgraded version was released this past Monday. So you might be asking yourself so what does the new version of the Surface have that the original does not? Well let me tell you. First off it has a 25% better battery life, a better processor called... Read more »

Microsoft Office on an iPhone?

Yes you read that headline correct. You can now get your Office documents on your iPhone. Microsoft launched an app for Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers. Now the key word is subscriber you have to have a subscription with Office 365 in order to be able have this app on your iPhone. What you... Read more »

Hotmail no more! Outlook is here to stay

Are you still the owner of a Hotmail e-mail address? I know I was at one point during my college days. Microsoft made it official that Hotmail is going away and now it will be known as Outlook. So now instead of going to you will need to go to Nothing will be... Read more »

Coming next week the Microsoft Surface Pro

As I posted last week that Apple is going to release the upgraded in capacity iPad. Now Microsoft is going to launch their Microsoft Surface Pro. Here are the details on when it will be released, it will be on February 9th in the U.S and Canada. It is priced at $899 for a 64... Read more »

Microsoft Holiday look book

The holiday’s are approaching us at a fast speed unlike any other that I have experienced. As we all have seen on tv and online ¬†everyone is using their advertisements to remind us that we need to get gifts for Christmas. So let me aid you on your quest for the perfect and before you... Read more »

The Surface tablet

How many tablet makers have come out since Apple launched their iPad? Too many.. You have Android tablets, you have the Kindle Fire, and others. But now entering the dance is the one and only Microsoft. What is their prized possession going to be called? Surface is the name of their new tablet. This is... Read more »

Office for iOS and Android?

Who among us right now, would want to carry Office in their pocket and not just having it on your laptop. How about having it on your cell phone and or tablet. I do understand that all Windows phones that are coming out right now will have that feature already included with their brand new... Read more »

$99 Xbox 360 with a 2 yr contract

And yes it is true. When you read the headline you might have guessed that it was a joke. But no my friends this is very much true. Here are the official details on what you need to do to get your hands on the 360 for a low low price of $99. First for... Read more »

Google launches cloud service

Every tech company out there has at one point launched their own cloud service. Like Apple launched iCloud, Amazon has their own cloud service, and of course Microsoft has SkyDrive. Google made the announcement earlier today saying that cloud service will be called Google Drive. It provides you with 5 GB worth of free storage.... Read more »

Techy Bytes 12-09-11

New Xbox Live Interface – Microsoft has launched a new interface for their Xbox Live system. Now with the update you are able to access your music, TV shows, movies and games with the sound of your voice and the wave of your hand. The CEO introduced the interface some time back and it is... Read more »