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Techy Bytes 02-10-12

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Apple’s Lion is now offering Internet Recovery –  Apple is now offering a new update to their 2010 computer line. Now you will be able to get Internet recovery on your Macbook Air, iMac, Macbook Pro. So if you are not familiar what Internet Recovery does, here it is. Now let’s just say if your... Read more »

Techy Bytes 08-19-2011

PS3 is on sale – If you never thought you would see the day, well it is here now. Sony has officially put it’s prized console on sale for the low low price 50 dollars off. So here are the details of the sale. Your entry level PS3 is now $250 and the other system... Read more »

New Apple toys coming soon

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there. I hope everyone spent a nice Memorial Day,  we all must give thanks to the ones that protect our country from evil people that  always want to do harm to us. Now onto today’s blog entry of the day. If you have followed with what Steve Jobs made as... Read more »