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Super Bowl on the go...

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl game would be able to be seen while you are not at home? Well that is going to happen if you happen to have an important event that happens to occur on Super Bowl Sunday. If you do have something else to do on Super Bowl Sunday.... Read more »

All about the iCloud

Happy Monday to everyone out there. I know I have not written for everyone out  there. But I am back here today. I will be covering a topic that was announced  a couple weeks back and I forgot to mention it at the time. And now I will be  covering it. So here we go.... Read more »

iOS 5 upgrades

Happy Wednesday to everyone out there in the world wide web. Another hump day  to get over. Then this coming Sunday is Father’s Day. So it should be a nice day  for all the father’s out there. Now onto today’s topic. I will be getting in depth with the upgrades with the iOS 5.  All... Read more »

The Mac App store open for business

Happy Monday to everyone out there. Another week to get over, I just hope that  today you have the best day possible. As we all know that Monday’s aren’t always  the best. But today might be a different day. So get up and enjoy today you might  not know what is around the corner but... Read more »


Happy Monday to everyone out there. I want to wish everyone stopping by on my  blog today a Happy New Year. I know that the Monday after a holiday is always the  toughest to get over because unless you have vacation time you are going to be saying “well I have to get to work... Read more »

Techy Bytes 10-22-10

Happy Friday to everyone. I know that everyone has been waiting for this day  and want the weekend to start already. Just be safe and be able to start another week which starts on Monday. As I mentioned in my blog last week on my usual Friday  edition of Techy Bytes that I would be... Read more »

New IPods and Apple TV!

  Happy Friday to all, another end of the week everybody getting ready for the weekend I just hop everyone has a safe weekend. Today’s topic will be all about a new line of products that Apple launched this past Wednesday. Some of the rumors that I had mentioned in my blog this past Monday... Read more »

School Checklist

Happy Friday to all, hope you are surviving this hot weather that we are experiencing here in Chicago. Hope you are reading this in a nice AC place where your not dripping sweat on your keyboard.  Onto today’s topic, we all know that schools are starting in a couple weeks all over the US. And... Read more »

Apple vs Nintendo who wins?

Apple vs Nintendo who wins?
  The war is on Nintendo versus Apple, who will win? Well from the point of view from this blogger. I think Apple has beaten Nintendo. And Nintendo needs to come back with something spectacular to blow away the consumers and Apple, to make them start worrying about Nintendo. A few weeks back Nintendo announced... Read more »

IPhone OS 4.0

We all know that the IPhone has been the next great thing in cell phones next to the Blackberry. Thursday there was an announcement that every IPhone has been waiting for the next OS of the IPhone that is coming out in the summer IPhone OS 4.0   The next upgrades on the new OS... Read more »