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Discover and Apple Pay are together

We all have seen the many things that an iPhone can do, it can help us take selfies, with Siri it can help us with the most difficult questions that could be asked, and with the iPhone 6 you can do away with your wallet and pay with your iPhone. Starting today Discover and Apple... Read more »

Apple's new iPhones... More than one??

While we anxiously waited for the release of the new iPhone, the tech world anticipated maybe only one iPhone being released. When it was revealed that this was going to be more than one iPhone released. People around the world were just in aww and what the future would hold for us iPhone users. The... Read more »

Motorola shows off new phone

This past Thursday Motorola announced that they are going to be coming out with a new phone called the Moto-X smartphone. It features a 4.7 inch touchscreen and a 720p AMOLED display, touchless controls using the Google now that is not integrated into the phone. The phone has been mentioned as the creation Motorola and... Read more »

Google = Easy

Whatever makes our lives easier then that is device for everyone. Google made the announcement Wednesday introducing a new device that looks like your standard USB drive. It is called Chromecast.┬áSo what does Chromecast do? Well it will stream content to your tv via a Wi-Fi connection and you use your computer, tablet or smartphone... Read more »

Microsoft Office on an iPhone?

Yes you read that headline correct. You can now get your Office documents on your iPhone. Microsoft launched an app for Office Mobile for Office 365 subscribers. Now the key word is subscriber you have to have a subscription with Office 365 in order to be able have this app on your iPhone. What you... Read more »

Direct TV with voice capacity??

All of us tech geeks out there are familiar with voice recognition, it is found on the iPhone, Xbox 360, and usually any new smartphone out on the market right now. So now comes word the Direct Tv the biggest satellite provider out is announcing that it is enhancing the app that it has on... Read more »

HTC First gone?

We all waited as the anticipation when the Facebook phone also known as the HTC First was released and when we the announcement was made we were under whelmed. I don’t know if anyone out there has purchased it or is considering it. Read this if you are considering to get the phone. HTC First... Read more »

Blackberry back in business..

Blackberry was once the go to phone for executives out there. Little by little smart phone companies came into the fold and began taking away customers from Blackberry or also known as RIM. They always stood by their guns and kept the QWERTY keyboard that made them famous. As people flocked to the Android phones,... Read more »

Virtual tickets coming to Wrigley

If you have an iPhone 4S or 5 and you have upgraded to the newest OS you are aware that the new OS has an app that stores your coupons, plane tickets, or baseball game tix into this app called Passbook. Now the Chicago Cubs will be joining 13 other teams that now will be... Read more »

T-Mobile and Apple are married..

Officially the news has come, now every wireless provider now has an iPhone in it’s lineup. The last provider that was hesitant to get the iPhone was T-Mobile because they use a different type of frequency for their phones than what the iPhone is accustomed to. So when Sprint and Verizon joined forces with Apple... Read more »