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Super Bowl on the go...

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl game would be able to be seen while you are not at home? Well that is going to happen if you happen to have an important event that happens to occur on Super Bowl Sunday. If you do have something else to do on Super Bowl Sunday.... Read more »

The tablet wars continue. This time it's Apple's turn

All of us in the techy world. We expected this to be announced it was just a matter of what was going to be released. All the talk was that there was going to be a brand new iPad, just in time for the holiday season that is coming up. It turns out that of... Read more »

Amazon has new Kindle's

With everyone knowing that this upcoming holiday season there is certianly going to be a brand new iPad announced. Amazon is getting a headstart on announcing it’s new line of tablets. It introduces an upgraded Kindle Fire now called the Kindle Fire HDX it is 7 inches and the 8.9 inch. These new tablets feature... Read more »

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

If you purchased a Microsoft Surface last year. The upgraded version was released this past Monday. So you might be asking yourself so what does the new version of the Surface have that the original does not? Well let me tell you. First off it has a 25% better battery life, a better processor called... Read more »

New iPad coming.. That's right

You read that headline correctly. There will be a brand spanking new iPad coming out. No.. it is not inexpensive it is completely the opposite. It is way more expensive than the regular iPad. What is new about this new iPad. Well one that is has way more capacity than your standard iPad. It has... Read more »

New tech store coming to Michigan Ave

If you are to walk down Michigan Ave right now what tech stores are you going to find right now. The first one that tourists always tend to go to is the Apple store and until a couple years back Best Buy made its presence known. Now there is a new contender coming to the... Read more »

iPad mini coming??

We ¬†all have noticed at how Apple has taken the reigns in the tablet market and has not lost any steam. There are others who have joined the competition, like Amazon, Google are among a few. It should come as no surprise that there are talks among the tech nerds and we have said that... Read more »

Google Nexus tablet

It should come as no surprise to anyone that Google has finally entered the tablet wars. They do have the OS that is incorporated into many other tablets that are not the iPad or the Kindle Fire. It was announced yesterday that Google would officially come out with their own tablet. Might I say that... Read more »

The Surface tablet

How many tablet makers have come out since Apple launched their iPad? Too many.. You have Android tablets, you have the Kindle Fire, and others. But now entering the dance is the one and only Microsoft. What is their prized possession going to be called? Surface is the name of their new tablet. This is... Read more »

Office for iOS and Android?

Who among us right now, would want to carry Office in their pocket and not just having it on your laptop. How about having it on your cell phone and or tablet. I do understand that all Windows phones that are coming out right now will have that feature already included with their brand new... Read more »