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Introducing : Photoflow

I was introduced to this company a few weeks back, and might I say that I am impressed with what they are offering. Let me just give you a brief intoduction into who the company is and what some of the benefits of the company is. Let’s start it off. Photoflow started off on June... Read more »

Facebook and a picture app.. Perfect marriage

If you are a fellow reader of this blog posting, you are familar with the news that I had posted some posts back that Facebook and bought the little software company name Instagram, and bought them out for a cool million. Many of us wondered what that merger or marriage was going to be bringing... Read more »

Instagram is in the money

The rich get richer, Facebook has bought out Instagram. Instagram is a app that was created by a small number of people and has become a hit in the Apple app store and just started in the Android app market. What does this app do? Well if you are not familiar with the app let... Read more »