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Facetime over a cell network

Are you a iPhone or an iPad user? How many people out there have questioned how come I can’t use Facetime over a cell network when I am not in a Wi-Fi hotspot? So if you are always asking yourself that question. Let me be the first and say that using Facetime over a cell... Read more »

Facetime over a cell network, extra money on your bill?

If you remember some time back, I had mentioned that when Apple made their presentation of the newest OS’s. That Apple had planned on making the iOS 6 which would change our iPhone’s and iPad into something totally different from what was first seen. Also when they ┬ámade the presentation that had mentioned that they... Read more »

New iPhone is here!

Word of what the next iPhone was going to be was seen by millions and millions on the net. When the engineer that was in charge of the product left the prototype in a bar. And then gizmodo got its hand on the product and posted pictures of the iPhone and many people around the... Read more »