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New tech store coming to Michigan Ave

If you are to walk down Michigan Ave right now what tech stores are you going to find right now. The first one that tourists always tend to go to is the Apple store and until a couple years back Best Buy made its presence known. Now there is a new contender coming to the... Read more »

Another pre-paid iPhone

Remember back to last week when I had posted that Cricket wireless would be  launching a pre-paid iPhone. I had made a comment that pretty soon every pre-paid cell phone company would be launching their own pre-paid. Well not even a week since posting my post comes word that Sprint will be launching the pre-paid... Read more »

$99 Xbox 360 with a 2 yr contract

And yes it is true. When you read the headline you might have guessed that it was a joke. But no my friends this is very much true. Here are the official details on what you need to do to get your hands on the 360 for a low low price of $99. First for... Read more »

iPad 2 price lowers before iPad 3 comes out

We all have seen on the news and on the internet that the much anticipated iPad 3 will be launching on March the 7th and the invites have been sent out to all reporters, unfortunately I didn’t receive one. So while this new device has not yet made it’s debut. The older version the iPad... Read more »

Blackberry Playbook on sale!

Now we all have seen how RIM aka Blackberry has lost all it’s luster from the moment that the iPhone and various other devices came into the market and has never quite met the same expectations that it did when they first burst onto the scene. So then they saw as Apple and Google made... Read more »

Best Buy offers iPad 2 to employees??

Happy Monday to everyone out there! Another start of the week for everyone.  We all know that we hate Monday’s. But if you are in a job that you like  you can’t wait for Monday’s to come. Now onto today’s Monday blog.  If you have ever worked for a company you know that when the... Read more »

iPhone in aisle 4

The day is getting closer to becoming a reality. By this time next week, some of many will have their hands on their new iPhone 4. I would like to go over some stuff that you might find useful for anyone that will want to get their hands on this prestigious phone, that is loved... Read more »