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Do you want to be inspired?

Hello fellow techy followers. I want to share with you a couple new things that can help you on one of those bad days that you might encounter. It’s brand new technology that will maybe inspire you in having a better day than what you might be experiencing at the moment.  If you are a... Read more »

Are you watching the World Cup??

With already almost a week into the World Cup and if you have been following it, you might see that it is providing us with a very exciting World Cup something that I have never ever before seen in my years viewing the World Cup. As we all may know there are new ways to... Read more »

All about the HTC One (M8)

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How is everyone doing out there today. Today’s posts is all about the HTC One (M8). You might be saying to yourself right now hasn’t HTC already released that phone, technically it does feature the HTC One but this one is the HTC One (M8). This phone is unlike anyone that we have seen before.... Read more »

EXTRA! EXTRA! Samsung Galaxy S5 is here

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Us the users have seen that Apple and Samsung have been in a bitter battle to get on top of the smartphone market and at times you will see Samsung on time and other times you will see Apple. Now comes word that if you are a fan of the Samsung Galaxy series of phones... Read more »

New pricing plans for AT&T wireless customers

Welcome back fellow tech followers. If you remember last week  I had posted online some news on the updates that AT&T was doing with their messaging plans and how you can take advantage of sending text, video  and photo messages to anyone around the world. Now comes word that they are updating their Mobile Share... Read more »

AT&T with new worldwide plans

Hey fellow tech followers, I am back to bring you the lastest and greatest in the tech industy. First off I want to thank everyone who continues to catch up on my posts from the past. I am truly blessed to have you as a follower and reader. Let’s get down to business and let... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy Mega

As you probably read my last post last week. I noted that Samsung launched the new smartwatch that will work with the Note 3. Now comes word that Samsung has a new toy that will entice you to get the latest and greatest from Samsung. Think about this guys. Do you want a phone and... Read more »

HTC One Mini

AT&T has a great offer for everyone out there and it is a very limited offer that you have to take advantage as you are reading this. Here it is the HTC One Mini. AT&T is offering a more compact version of the award winning HTC One and with a one day only offer you... Read more »

Is AT&T cool now?

If you read my last post, you saw how I mentioned that T-Mobile was introducing a new way for customers to upgrade their phones. So T-Mobile introduced that you can upgrade a phone within 6 months. Also another thing that asked in my last post was if you any of the big 3 of the... Read more »

HTC First gone?

We all waited as the anticipation when the Facebook phone also known as the HTC First was released and when we the announcement was made we were under whelmed. I don’t know if anyone out there has purchased it or is considering it. Read this if you are considering to get the phone. HTC First... Read more »