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Super Bowl on the go...

Who would have thought that the Super Bowl game would be able to be seen while you are not at home? Well that is going to happen if you happen to have an important event that happens to occur on Super Bowl Sunday. If you do have something else to do on Super Bowl Sunday.... Read more »

iPhone 6, 6 Plus and Apple Watch are here.

Hey there fellow techy followers. Yesterday we all received word that Apple is launching new devices that will want us to get them either right away or will want them for Christmas or for one we have to wait until next year. Let’s get started with the introductions. First off the iPhone 6 and iPhone... Read more »

New cheaper Macbook Air's are available now

Hey fellow tech followers I just wanted to share with you some great news if you are in the market for a very light and portable laptop and at a lower price that you might find shocking. Earlier this week without any conference to make this announcement, Apple made an upgrade to their Macbook Air... Read more »

The tablet wars continue. This time it's Apple's turn

All of us in the techy world. We expected this to be announced it was just a matter of what was going to be released. All the talk was that there was going to be a brand new iPad, just in time for the holiday season that is coming up. It turns out that of... Read more »

Microsoft Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

If you purchased a Microsoft Surface last year. The upgraded version was released this past Monday. So you might be asking yourself so what does the new version of the Surface have that the original does not? Well let me tell you. First off it has a 25% better battery life, a better processor called... Read more »

Apple's new iPhones... More than one??

While we anxiously waited for the release of the new iPhone, the tech world anticipated maybe only one iPhone being released. When it was revealed that this was going to be more than one iPhone released. People around the world were just in aww and what the future would hold for us iPhone users. The... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy gear is here

We all have heard that Apple was going to be releasing their iWatch, but will Samsung beat them to the punch and sell a better watch? After being in the coattails of Apple, Samsung released yesterday their creation to the new age of tech. The Samung Galaxy gear smartwatch which will be released on September... Read more »

Nokia becomes Windows

Nokia 2 years ago was desperate in its search to become a giant again in the mobile phone industry that it united with Microsoft Windows and now comes word that the company’s handheld business and patents have been sold to the software giant for a cool 7.2 billion dollars. Nokia and Windows have struggled to... Read more »

Apple Keynote Presentation

All of us that are techy fans have grown accustomed to these presentations from Apple. Ever since the late Steve Jobs made his annual presentations where he could sell ice to an Eskimo. He made us want to go out and get one iPod, or the latest computer they created. Now it is CEO Tim... Read more »

Direct TV with voice capacity??

All of us tech geeks out there are familiar with voice recognition, it is found on the iPhone, Xbox 360, and usually any new smartphone out on the market right now. So now comes word the Direct Tv the biggest satellite provider out is announcing that it is enhancing the app that it has on... Read more »