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Motorola shows off new phone

This past Thursday Motorola announced that they are going to be coming out with a new phone called the Moto-X smartphone. It features a 4.7 inch touchscreen and a 720p AMOLED display, touchless controls using the Google now that is not integrated into the phone. The phone has been mentioned as the creation Motorola and... Read more »

Google = Easy

Whatever makes our lives easier then that is device for everyone. Google made the announcement Wednesday introducing a new device that looks like your standard USB drive. It is called Chromecast.┬áSo what does Chromecast do? Well it will stream content to your tv via a Wi-Fi connection and you use your computer, tablet or smartphone... Read more »

HTC First gone?

We all waited as the anticipation when the Facebook phone also known as the HTC First was released and when we the announcement was made we were under whelmed. I don’t know if anyone out there has purchased it or is considering it. Read this if you are considering to get the phone. HTC First... Read more »

Facebook invades your phone

The brains at Facebook Mark Zuckerburg revealed yesterday that it would now be invading your Android phone. As we all have on our phones by now, Facebook has an app that you are either posting photos, videos, or crazy things seen on the internet directly onto your Facebook page. Now Mark Zuckerburg wants to bring... Read more »

Blackberry back in business..

Blackberry was once the go to phone for executives out there. Little by little smart phone companies came into the fold and began taking away customers from Blackberry or also known as RIM. They always stood by their guns and kept the QWERTY keyboard that made them famous. As people flocked to the Android phones,... Read more »

Who's really the leader??

As you have probably noticed over the last couple of years the popularity of the smartphone has just taken over. That any other phone out on the market right now, just seems irrelevant. If you are reading this post on your iPhone, you might be surprised to know that the Apple iPhone is not the... Read more »

Samsung Galaxy S III

When you first notice this phone you see that it has a giant screen compare that screen to the iPhone and the iPhone just seems so small that it is ridiculous. Once you get the phone in your hand you don’t notice the enormity of the screen you feel like it is your regular phone.... Read more »

The Surface tablet

How many tablet makers have come out since Apple launched their iPad? Too many.. You have Android tablets, you have the Kindle Fire, and others. But now entering the dance is the one and only Microsoft. What is their prized possession going to be called? Surface is the name of their new tablet. This is... Read more »

Office for iOS and Android?

Who among us right now, would want to carry Office in their pocket and not just having it on your laptop. How about having it on your cell phone and or tablet. I do understand that all Windows phones that are coming out right now will have that feature already included with their brand new... Read more »

HTC One X and White Beatbox Sound dock reviews

HTC One X review – Every phone manufacturer is trying to come out with a smartphone, but not only a good smartphone but one that can take away some people from the iPhone craze. And now here is HTC with the One X . At first when you first turn on the phone you look... Read more »