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Police officer fired - Correct. Bad Student- no discipline- not correct

We all have seen that online video where it went viral. Where a student was misbehaving in class, the teacher could not control the student. The teacher called the police officer which was keeping the school safe into the classroom to remove the student from the classroom. The actions that the officer did, in order... Read more »

Shootings! When will it finally stop??

We all have seen the shootings that have happened in the most random spots that we could imagine. We have seen them happen at grammer schools, movie theaters. Of course there is a period of grieving and the families hurting from this occurence. What happens after that? Nothing! There is always outrage of what happens,... Read more »

Commisioner Adam Silver got it right!

I know this is not technology related, this topic that I am going to write about is way beyond sports. We all have listened to the audio recordings of this so called owner of the Clippers Donald Sterling. When I first heard these recordings. I will be honest I was beside myself. How can basterd... Read more »

Cancer go away!!! It's Donna's Day!!!

We as Chicagonow bloggers on this site and you that is reading this at this moment in time. We need everyone out there to help Donna a little girl who is battling a nasty cancer needs our help. Were you aware that more children from the US die from cancer than from any other disease?... Read more »


This is not my speciality let me just state that before I start my rants. I feel that someone has to say something at this time. What better way to do this then in my blog. Here we go. Get ready.. Set.. GO!!! Ok what is happening with us as a society?  We all know... Read more »

Kerry Wood we will miss you

If the news that is circulating the internet holds to be true I can not believe it myself. For someone who I remember who was going to be the  next Roger Clemens before we knew about all the steriods he took. I remember the day game vs the Astros where you struck out 2o Astros.... Read more »


If you follow sports you might have heard the chants from people on TV that this is the greatest story that we have come across and I agree completly. Let me introduce you to what this mania is all about. The New York Knicks were a below average team that was losing even though they... Read more »

Introducing - Music Dealers

Now this all about a company was established in 2008 and over time has grown.  It is a company that helps out the independent artists out there as well as music producers and they aid them in getting their music to any of the big time companies that they work with. The name of the... Read more »

Bullying really needs to stop now!!!

I know this out of my level of expertise but I keep hearing of cases and cases of these and it just boils me up to read these types of stories and today’s was just the one that set me off on this. We have seen and heard of this bullying of kids. And there... Read more »

Wal-Mart streams videos??

Last week another company got into the video streaming business and it is the most unlikeliest company to enter this business. That company is Wal-Mart. We all know that Wal-Mart is known for it’s rolling specials, it’s bad publicity, the big yellow smiley face but streaming video was not one thing that you would have... Read more »